'The Manor' Ending Explained

'The Manor' Ending Explained

Amazon's Original horror follows an old widow in a nursing home as she tries to uncover the truth behind the bark monster that kills its residents.

In 'The Manor,' the horrors of aging are equally scary as evil monsters that feed on innocent souls. 

The horror film directed and written by Axelle Carolyn takes us to a mysterious nursing home with an evil presence. 

It follows an old woman, who moves into a historic manor after suffering a stroke. Soon, she gets convinced that an evil force is haunting and killing its residents. 

Is the bark monster that she sees real, or just an onset of dementia?

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything that happened in 'The Manor.'

'The Manor'

'The Manor' Synopsis and Ending Explained 

Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey) is an old widow celebrating her 70th birthday with her daughter and grandkid, Josh. While at the party, she suddenly suffers a stroke. The doctor diagnoses her with Parkinson's disease. 

Judith moves into an old-age nursing home, Golden Sun Manor, to avoid becoming a burden to her family. Not long after settling, she befriends three other seniors staying at the facility: Ruth, Trish, and Roland. The trio is old, but they seem very active and healthy for their age. They invited Judith to play bridge with them and quickly became close friends.

In her room, Judith’s roommate, Annette, cautions Judith that someone is watching them. Judith did not understand the warning first, but later that night, she saw a monster made of tree bark hiding in her room. 

The people at the facility tell her that the monster is probably a sign of dementia, but Judith refuses to believe them. She decides to investigate and uncover the truth behind the bark monster. 

One night, Judith sees the bark monster attacking Annette. She suddenly died of a stroke afterward. Before dying, Annette left Judith with a list of names. Annette said that they all got marked, and the names she listed in the paper would die next. 

Based on Annette's prediction, another patient will die after her, and Judith will be the next. Judith panicked. She searches the room and finds a mysterious voodoo element. 

Judith escapes the facility. On her way out, she sees young teenagers who look like Ruth, Trish, and Roland. However, Judith was unable to see the resemblance at that moment yet. 

Judith reached out to her daughter and Josh. But instead of taking her home, Judith’s daughter sent her back to the facility. At the dinner, Judith saw a picture of Ruth, Trish, and Roland on the wall. The picture was taken around four decades ago. However, the trio still looks the same to this date. 

Judith tried to tell her daughter about her situation, but she only thought that her hallucinations were just a result of old age. 

Left alone to protect herself, Judith decides to investigate further. She sneaks into the director's cabin and finds that Roland Benson was a relative of Manor’s director, Ms. Benson. Meanwhile, Ruth Price was a relative to a male nurse, Gary, and Ruth Cooper was related to Elizabeth, another nurse in the facility.

Judith tells Josh about the connection between the patients and the facility. Josh discovered a Celtic sigil representing an oak tree carved on Trish's arm from a picture in the diner. That explains the mystery.

'The Manor'

What Does The Carving In Trish's Arm Mean?

The Celtic sigil representing an oak tree on Trish's arm is a symbol of longevity and regeneration. While sneaking into Roland's room, Judith found her hairbrush with strands of her hair. She gets convinced that Roland, Trish, and Ruth are practicing voodoo magic to retain their health. 

Judith replaced the strands of her hair with Roland's. She and Josh then followed Roland in the woods.

There, they saw the trio engaging in a ritual near the large Oaktree. Roland takes a pouch with strands of hair and puts it on the fire. He asks the tree to give Judith's energy to them, thinking the hair was hers.

Josh was unaware that Judith had replaced the hair strand. To protect her grandma, he tries to stop Roland. Roland captures Josh and Judith then reveals what she found out about the trio. 

The trio and their relatives run the Manor. They bring in old patients to the nursing home and sacrifice them. In exchange, they receive eternal life and youth. Ruth, Trish, and Roland sacrificed the lives of innocent souls for their selfish interests.

'The Manor'

‘The Manor’ Ending, Explained: Did Judith Join the Sect?

Roland finishes the ceremony. The Oak Monster comes out. But to Roland's surprise, the monster attacked him instead of Judith. Roland dies. 

Judith grabs a bottle of alcohol and warns Trish and Ruth that she will burn the tree to ashes. But Trish and Ruth lured Judith to join them. 

They tell Judith that she can get eternal life and will not experience the horrors of old age. She can be young again from midnight until dawn. That explains the teenager trio she saw while trying to escape the Manor.

Judith was confused. Trish and Ruth tried to convince Josh to join them, too. Josh had lost his dad in the past, and Trish and Ruth tried to exploit his pain. They said that if they join their sect, Josh will never lose his grandmother. Josh and Judith eventually agree. A Celtic sigil appears in their bodies, and Judith becomes youthful again. 

After joining the sect, Judith stopped aging. She decides to celebrate another 70th birthday. Josh joined the staff to be near her grandmother. They continue the ritual of sacrificing innocent old souls who arrive at the Manor. 

The film ended with Judith performing ballet under the Oak Tree, surrounded by a young crowd. Judith wanted to perform again and be with the younger generation. The magical Oak Tree made her wish to happen. 

'The Manor'

What Happened To Liesel?

Liesel was the fellow nurse who attended Judith. She discovered the truth about the facility. However, powerful people have tried to keep that secret for too long. They will not let a nurse ruin their evil scheme. 

Judith's roommate Anette and Imogen were sacrificed to the Oak Tree monster by the evil trio. However, Liesel suddenly disappeared without a trace. Judith only found Liesel's clothes and her family pendant in the storeroom. We can conclude that the owners of the facility killed her to prevent their secret from coming out. 

'The Manor' is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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