The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Here are all the latest updates on The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2.

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2

To start, let's review some important information about "The Lying Life of Adults." This captivating series, directed by Domenico Procacci, takes place in Naples during the 1990s and follows the journey of Giovanna, a teenager, as she navigates the intricate social and familial dynamics of Italy. The show premiered on Netflix in January 2023 and has received considerable attention and acclaim. Fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of a second season, and in this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about it, including the expected release date, plot details, cast, and more.

Has The Lying Life Of Adults Been Renewed For Season 2?

Many are wondering if "The Lying Life of Adults" will be renewed for a second season or cancelled. Currently, there has been no official announcement from the studio regarding the show's future. Usually, decisions about renewal are made a month or two after the latest season's premiere. To stay informed, please check our website for any breaking news.

The Lying Life of Adults Plot

The show is based on Elena Ferrante's book and follows the story of Giovanna Trada, a young girl living in Naples during the 1990s. After overhearing her father Andrea comparing her looks to his estranged sister Vittoria, Giovanna embarks on a journey to find Vittoria and uncover the truth behind their family's dispute.

What Is The Expected Release Date of The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2?

There is currently no release date for The Lying Life Of Adults but as soon as we get one we'll add it here. So stay tuned!

Recap of The Lying Life Of Adults Season 1

In the first season, viewers witnessed Giovanna's journey as she explored Naples and grappled with the complexities of her family and identity. The series delved into the secret side of Naples, offering viewers a glimpse into the city's diverse inhabitants and their stories.

By the end of Season 1, Giovanna had left school, and her family discovered that she had entered into a sexual relationship. Her infatuation with a charming scholar further complicated her relationships with her father and sister.

The Lying Life Of Adults
The Lying Life Of Adults

Insights from the Director, Edoardo De Angelis

Director Edoardo De Angelis has shared his thoughts on adapting Elena Ferrante's novel for the screen. He described the process as both challenging and stimulating, emphasizing his commitment to capturing the spirit of Ferrante's work while adding his own touch.

De Angelis praised Ferrante's writing as beautiful, forceful, and intense, expressing confidence in the audience's reception of his adaptation. The anticipation for the series' debut on Netflix on January 4th, 2023, is palpable among fans.

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Cast

While the second season's cast has yet to be officially confirmed, if the show does get renewed, we can expect the return of the original cast members. This would include talented actors like Valeria Golino, Pina Turco, Veronica Powers, and others.


The Lying Life Of Adults
The Lying Life Of Adults

While the fate of "The Lying Life of Adults Season 2" remains uncertain, the series has already left an indelible mark on viewers worldwide. Its compelling characters, superb acting, and captivating settings have won over audiences. Whether the show continues or not, it will always hold a special place in the legacy of Ferrante. As we eagerly await further updates, we hope this article has provided you with valuable insights.