Disney Dropped The Latest Trailer Of 'The Lion King' Showing Timon And Pumba Singing!

Disney Dropped The Latest Trailer Of 'The Lion King' Showing Timon And Pumba Singing!

The latest trailer of The Lion King just dropped and we finally got to see Timon and Pumba humming the signature tune

It was one of the greatest moment for all lovers of the original 'The Lion King' movie. However, our joy knew no bounds when Disney dropped the first trailer of the classic tale's live-action version a couple of months back. 

The second trailer of the live-action movie 'The Lion King' which was released yesterday took the viewers and fans on a nostalgic trip of the 1994 Disney classic. The dramatic 1-minute 50-second look at the film that is due to release on July 19 surely kept us all glued. The cult-favorite movie, that is recreated in spectacular CGI shows Simba being confronted by the hyenas Kamari, Shenzi, and Azazi as the villainous Scar enters into the elephant graveyard.




The trailer opens with Simba, along with his best friend Nala entering the spooky elephant graveyard as the voice of Scar is heard on the background, saying, "Life's not fair is it my little friend. Others spend their lives in the dark. Begging for scraps." The latest trailer also gave the audience the first glance of the frightening, evil, and exiled lion who shows off his menacing scar as he confronts Simba and Nala, both of them clearly scared and cowering in the darkness. 


Scar is being flanked on both of his sides by his evil hyena comrades, who approach the cubs with menace. Simba's father and the king of the forest, Mufasa, is also seen in the trailer, standing on the pride rock as the father-son duo survey their kingdom. James Earl Jones, who reprised his role from the first film is also heard, saying, "Everything you see exists in a delicate balance' as a bewitched Simba stares with awe at an insect."


Simba also meets Zazu, the young hornbill who flies down to meet the latest addition to the pride. He continues, "While others search for what they can take' as Scar is seen hatching plans with his evil companions." As Mufasa takes his son under his wings, the voiceover of James Earl Jones says, "A true king searches for what he can give." Then, baby Simba is seen setting his tiny footprint into his father's footsteps, symbolizing the journey he is about to go on to become, The Lion King. 


After Mufasa's death, Simba is seen being manipulated by his evil uncle Scar who shouts at his direction, saying, "Run away Simba! And never return." The second trailer also features the first look of Simba's companions, meerkat Timon, and warthog Pumbaa. In one of the final scenes of the trailer, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are seen singing Hakuna Matata as they walk along a fallen tree, which is a beautiful homage to the 1994 classic. 


The trailer ends with Simba returning to a gloomy Pride Rock as he roars before the battle to regain control of his kingdom begins. The latest live-action version of 'The Lion King' comes from director Jon Favreau where he used the same kind of motion-capture technology in his 2016 adaptation of 'The Jungle Book' to life. The latest adaptation boasts an amazing cast that includes Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, and James Earl Jones.


Disney will be releasing the movie on the big screen on July 19, 2019 and the movie comes in the latest line of live-action remakes from Disney, which has released adaptations of a number of its classic animated films in recent years, including 'The Jungle Book', 'Beauty and the Beast', and, most recently, 'Dumbo'.In May, the studio will release a live-action version of 'Aladdin', and it plans to release a remake of 'Mulan' in 2020.

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