The Latest Instagram Post Of Robert Downey Jr. Might Make You Cry

The Latest Instagram Post Of Robert Downey Jr. Might Make You Cry

Since 'Avengers: Endgame' aired, the fans have become quite emotional with the outcome, but the latest post by Robert Downey Jr. might open the water taps in your eyes again.

It has been three weeks since 'Avengers: Endgame' finally arrived in theaters, and the talks about the blockbuster movie show no sign of dying down, neither does the box office collection. The Russo Brothers managed to infuse a ton of exciting content into the movie, so each frame has been dissected and discussed by the humungous fanbase of the movie. 'Endgame' was a huge success in its own rights, but more importantly, it did justice to the character of Tony Stark. 

Iron Man's character was given quite an arc and in 'Endgame' he managed to deeply reflect on what he has gained and what he has lost since the Mad Titan snapped his fingers and removed half of all living beings from existence. After Tony made the time jump, he is shown to have a happy life with Pepper Potts and their daughter Morgan. Soon enough, he starts being haunted by his failures, especially Peter Parker's dusting during the 'Infinity War'. 

Eventually, Iron Man reunited with Spiderman and it can be surely regarded as one of the most emotional moments of the movie, and now Robert Downey Jr. has shared a video filming that scene. Going by the clip, it seems like Tony and Peter's brief scene on the battlefield went through some variations and some different set of dialogues too. But one similarity among all of these is that all of them were similarly heart wrenching. 


Robert Downey Jr. himself posted this video on his official Instagram page, and with the spoiler ban being officially lifted by the Russo Brothers, the film's cast and crew have been able to get more chatty about their experience. A number of actors have been posting footage from Endgame's set, revealing the videos that made it possible for the audience to see this once in a lifetime masterpiece. Given the heartwarming scenes Tony and Peter have had shared together, it might be safe to assume that Peter Parker's relationship with Tony should be a major plotline in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'. 


Even in the trailer, Peter is shown mourning Tony's death. The movie will also pair Peter with Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Happy Hogan, and even though Tony Stark won't be present in person, his presence will still be there throughout the movie, despite his epic death scene.

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