'The Last Of Us' Episode 2 Ending Explained and Mini Review

A game adaptation that is all the rage right now... here's the ending explained of episode 2...

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The premise of the Game The Last of Us has been pretty popular ever since the game was launched back in 2013 by Naughty Dog. With a single episode last week, the show achieved what many video game adaptations failed to. The narrative of the game was a pretty solid source material and has been picked up by HBO so it's no surprise that the show is being positively accepted by both the game fans and normal audience. The thing that makes this show stand out is its ability to dive into each backstory. We explained the ending of the first episode and have returned to do the same for the second one as well, keep on reading for a detailed discussion on the second episode.

What is The Basic Plot of The Last Of Us?


We don't know which path the show will walk on but here's the synopsis of the original game, 

Decisions used to be easy, huh? What time to get up, what to wear, where to go. Now it's a bit different. Could you tell friend from foe? Could you kill? Could you do worse? If a loved one was infected, could you do the right thing? Could you put your life on the line for me the way I would for you? Could you be... the last of us?

The story is set in the post-apocalyptic United States. At the center of it, all are Joel and Ellie as they work together to survive their westward journey in the quest of finding a cure to the plague that has injected the human race. 

30-Second Review


Tess' sacrifice kind of backfired. Audiences wanted to see the narrative go in a different direction. Critics also pointed out that they killed off the character real soon. The character needed to be fleshed out for her death to hit harder. While it's only episode 2, we would have loved to see more character development before death. 

Ending Explained: Tess' Sacrifice


Episode two follows the trio of protagonists as they explore the abandoned museum and fight some pretty injected people. Joel and tests are trying to take Ellie to a fireflies outpost where she will be taken to a medical facility. Upon reaching the outpost they realize that the fireflies have been wiped out and what remains is death and destruction. The group ends up attracting a hoard of infected people. Tess reveals that she had been bitten and now all she wanted to do was keep them safe. Before bidding adieu Tess turns the outpost into a trap with fuel and explosives. She tells Joel that Ellie might have the solution to this and asked him to do whatever it takes to help the girl find a cure for the infection.