'The Kissing Booth 3' Ending Explained

'The Kissing Booth 3' Ending Explained

Elle finally made the biggest decision of her life, but whose heart did she break?

High School has ended, and Elle has to decide whether to go to Harvard to be with her boyfriend Noah --or to Berkeley to fulfill a childhood promise with her best friend, Lee.

Elle has been trying to delay the decision, not wanting to hurt any of the two people she loved so much.

But she cannot avoid what is inevitable. After plenty of tears, confrontations, and a bucket list full of memories, Elle finally stepped up and made the biggest decision of her life. So who or where did Elle choose to go? Here is a detailed breakdown of everything that happened in 'The Kissing Booth 3'.

'Kissing Booth 3'

‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Synopsis and Ending Explained

It is summer once again, and Elle is determined to make the most out of it. Elle, Noah, Lee, and his girlfriend Rachel went on an adventure-filled road trip post-graduation. Elle still has not decided whether to go to Harvard or Berkeley. Noah is already planning to get an apartment for the two of them once she goes to Harvard. Although Elle was thrilled that Noah wants to live with her, she cannot help but feel more pressured.

Noah's parents announced that they are selling their beach house where the three of them spent their childhood. Elle, Noah, Lee, and Rachel offer to stay in the house and help out with the sale.

Lee starts mapping out a schedule so he and Rachel can spend more time once they go to separate colleges. Elle gets a call from Berkeley, giving her a deadline to make a decision. She chooses to go to Harvard, which made Lee disappointed. Elle promises to make it up to him by spending summer and fulfilling the bucket list they created when they were still young.

'Kissing Booth 3'

But with a summer job to do, a brother to look after, a boyfriend to spend time with, and a bucket list to get fulfilled, Elle finds it hard to juggle her time. Things get even more complicated when Marco, the guy Elle kissed in the second film, returns.

Chloe (who Elle thought was having an affair with Noah in 'The Kissing Booth 2') also arrives in the beach house. An air of slight jealousy and distrust engulfed the two, and things escalated when the group does a live-action Mario Kart.

Noah and Marco crashed, which resulted in Noah calling Ellie "naive" for not realizing Marco is still in love with her.

Chloe encouraged Noah to fix his relationship with Elle, and the couple makes up.

'Kissing Booth 3'

They promised to fight for their relationship, but Marco isn't giving up that easily. Marco shows up at the Fourth of July party and clashes with Noah again after a volleyball fight. Marco punches Noah, but Noah refuses to counterattack. It's big character development for Noah, who always used to get into trouble at the beginning of the first movie. 

Marco tells Elle that he still has feelings for her, but Elle asks him to leave. She goes to the beach to find Noah. Noah confronted Elle about the Berkeley acceptance letter, which he saw earlier while cleaning the summer house.

Noah is worried that Elle is only going to Harvard for him, and not because it's what she truly wants. Noah breaks up with Elle and encouraged her to decide for herself.

Everything else starts going downhill from there. Elle misses a beach bucket list activity with Lee. The best friends fought and Lee tells Elle that he's never mattered to Elle compared to Noah. Upset, Elle tells him to grow up, adding all she has been doing this summer is to please everyone. 

'Kissing Booth 3'

Noah and Lee's mother comforts Elle and tells her she should start thinking about what she wants to do. She advises Elle to choose her college based on what she wants, and not what others expect her to.

Elle and Noah's break-up has affected Lee and Rachel's relationship too. Rachel doesn't want them to have the same problems that Elle and Noah had when they will be in a long-distance relationship. Rachel breaks up with Lee but hopes that they will eventually find their way back.

Marco apologizes to Elle, and the two said goodbye. Elle also fixed her friendship with Lee, who offered she could still fulfill their promise and go to Berkeley together. However, Elle explains that she's spent so long maintaining her relationships with Noah and Lee that she hasn't figured out who she is and what makes her happy. Lee understands and accepts her decision. 

So, Which College Did Elle Choose? 

Elle figures out that her true passion is video games. She applies to the University of Southern California (USC) and got accepted. After receiving a heartwarming gift from Elle, Noah's mother decided not to sell the summer house anymore.

Elle bid farewell to Lee and gave him the giant faux diamond ring they used to play heist together with as children. In a flashback, we saw Elle saying goodbye to Noah too. 

Six years later, Elle is now thriving in her new career and is sporting a short hairdo. Lee and Rachel eventually got back together and got engaged after college. Elle and Lee became great friends again. The three had a mini-reunion at their high school and saw that the students are still doing the Kissing Booth, the legacy they started during Charity Fair. 

'Kissing Booth 3'

Noah was there, too! Presumably, this is the first time the two saw each other again after that summer. Noah reveals he has job offers at law firms in LA and New York.

The movie ends with the two going on a motorcycle ride. Although unlike in the previous films, Elle now has her motorcycle too.

The movie didn't clarify if the two got back together, but the ending seems hopeful. 

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