'The Imperfects': Everything We Know So Far

'The Imperfects': Everything We Know So Far

Netflix is developing a new sci-fi series about three people-turned-monsters hunting down a mad scientist for a chance to be human again.

Netflix is preparing a new sci-fi series from the creators of the supernatural horror show, 'The Order.' Dennis Heaton will serve as the showrunner for 'The Imperfects,' an upcoming sci-fi drama series about three people who try to hunt down a mad scientist that turned them into monsters. Heaton will team up with former 'The Order' colleague Shelley Eriksen, who will co-executive produce and co-write alongside him.

The new series has finally entered production, and Netflix recently spilled some exciting details about the project. Find out everything there is to know about 'The Imperfects.' 

Dennis Heaton and Shelly Eriksen

What Is The Plot Of 'The Imperfects'?

'The Imperfects' is a sci-fi drama series about three young adults whose lives drastically changed after undergoing experimental gene therapy from a mad scientist. The disastrous treatment turned them into monsters. They decided to work together to hunt down Dr. Alex Sarkov, the scientist responsible for their change, and force him to make them human again.

The three allied with Dr. Sydney Burke, a genius scientist looking to fix her past mistakes. However, Alex Sarkov, a former child prodigy, will not let anyone or anything stop him from rewriting the human genome and leading the next stage of human evolution.

A Twitter thread released by Netflix about the show's official casting gave us more clues about what to expect on the new series. According to the thread, Tilda, Juan, and Abbi each have powers that are similar to mythical monsters. For example, Tilda has heightened senses and shrieking vocals, which is similar to a banshee. Abbi acquires "overpowering pheromones," which allows her to seduce people, just like a succubus. Meanwhile, Juan can change into a chupacabra-like creature. The three are not exactly thrilled with the newly acquired abilities because the change gets in the way of achieving their personal dreams.

Aside from searching for Dr. Sarkov, the three must also face a woman named Isabel Finch. Isabel is said to have a different reason for finding Dr. Sarkov and is teased to be potentially an even bigger enemy to the three. If Isabel succeeds, it will be harder for the three to reverse their mutation. 

'The Imperfects'

Who Are In The Cast Of 'The Imperfects'?

As mentioned, Netflix already released the official cast list for the upcoming sci-fi series.

The three main cast members are Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber, Rhianna Jagpal as Abbi Singh, and Iñaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz.




Rhys Nicholson will play Dr. Alex Sarkov, while Kyra Zagorsky stars Isabel Finch. 


Celina Martin is also joining the cast members as Hannah Moore. She will be torn between joining the trio or Isabel Finch in their mission. 


To complete the list, we have Italia Ricci, who will star as Dr. Sydney Burke. Ricci's casting might not have been included in the thread, but The Hollywood Reporter confirmed her role for the upcoming series.


When Will 'The Imperfects' Release On Netflix?

Netflix is yet to announce the release date for 'The Imperfects.' Based on the production status, it looks like the series won't be here until 2022. We will keep an eye on the show's status and will update this article once we get new information. 

What Is The Production Status Of 'The Imperfects'?

Production status as of April 24, 2021: Filming

'The Imperfects' entered production in April 2021 and is expected to wrap on June 30, 2021. Principal photography takes place in Vancouver, Canada.


Is There An Official Trailer For 'The Imperfects'?

There is no official trailer yet. The show has just started production, so the trailer will not be ready for at least a few months more. Don't worry because we will update this space once the official trailer is drop. So feel free to get back to this link from time to time. 

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