The Game Of Thrones Series Finale Has Been Leaked Online

The Game Of Thrones Series Finale Has Been Leaked Online

Game Of Thrones is coming to an end. Can you believe it? Just one more episode. However, it doesn't seem as though we have to wait till tomorrow to know what happens. The internet has already spoilt it.

The final episode of Game Of Thrones will air tomorrow and the whole world is excited to see how it ends. Many were disappointed with Daenerys's mad queen antics in the previous episode and have even petitioned for HBO to remake season 8. But all in all, we can bet a million dollars that all the people who are angry at season 8 will be right there when it airs on Sunday.

I'm all ready for the finale but with a day again, the internet just couldn't help but spoil it. A user on Reddit has released the entire plot of tomorrow's episode, outlining everything from the aftermath of the craziness at King's Landing to who will sit on the Iron Throne. This may seem like just another theory but it's actually not. The Reddit user who posted the spoilers has been mostly correct for most episodes and I don't think he's about to break that streak now.

Game Of Thrones

I haven't gone through the post because I don't want to have the finale spoilt and I would not do the injustice of quoting any spoilers from the post. If you want to read the post made on Reddit you can feel free to check it out here. But remember, there are potential spoilers in the post. You've been warned. The entire plot of the finale is in the blackened parts of the posts. Simply click on the blackened spots to reveal

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