The First Trailer For Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie Just Dropped

The First Trailer For Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie Just Dropped

Check out the first full trailer for the Uncharted film.

Tom Holland's Uncharted film has been one of the many films that faced delays to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the production is moving along splendidly and we've just got our first official trailer. 


The upcoming movie is set as a prequel to the video game franchise. This is ideally why Tom Holland was cast as Nathan Drake. Many had initially complained that Holland was too young to play the role but given the plot, it makes sense for Drake to be younger. Nathan Drake wasn't always rugged and middle-aged.

The Uncharted film was first announced in 2008 but only now, in 2021, do we get our first trailer. That's a whole 13 years later.

Mark Wahlberg was first cast as Nathan Drake but due to the length of time for the film to begin production Wahlberg aged out of the character. Wahlberg was then later replaced by the younger Holland and was cast to play Drake's mentor Scully.

The trailer shows that the film attempts to remain true to the mortal danger that Drake tends to find himself in. From surviving plane crashes to being shot multiple times, this film is a nod to all the video game fans.

Ruben Fleischer directed the film based on a screenplay by Rafe Judkins, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway, with a story by Judkins. Besides Holland and Wahlberg, the film also stars Sophia Taylor Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas.

The Uncharted film is set to hit theaters on February 18, 2022.

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