The Entire DCEU Is Reportedly Being Rebooted And Split Into Two Separate Universes

The Entire DCEU Is Reportedly Being Rebooted And Split Into Two Separate Universes

Warner Bros' new plans for the DCEU's is complicated, to say the least, and I'm not entirely sure that their vision is the best for the franchise.

It seems that Warner Brothers is trying to hit the delete button on its past failures in the DCEU following the failure of the Justice League. It's even more obvious that the DCEU is trying to distance itself from the past if you consider the fact that Matt Reeves' The Batman is allegedly going to be taking place in its own universe.

DCEU seems to be going the opposite direction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Warner Bros telling We Got This Covered that it is working on a complete reboot. This reboot will feature two separate universes, the first universe will consist of the franchises that have already started such as Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, etc. Future sequels of these franchises will have little connectivity with each other or earlier DCEU films.

All the new franchises, with Matt Reeves' The Batman being the first, will take place in a new universe and will not have any links or references to previous DCEU films. The Supergirl will also be taking place in the new continuity alongside Matt Reeves' The Batman according to sources. The new Supergirl film will set the stage for the future man of steel (Superman) by rebooting the Kryptonian mythology. 

Robert Pattinson as Batman

For those of you who think that separating the DCEU into separate universes is a bad idea, don't fret. Sources say that the two universes may be merged together in the future. However, this is not something that Warner Bros. is actively working on at the moment or in the planned future. So Warner Bros. is still leaving the options open for a future Flashpoint style event at some time in the future, especially since the Miller led Flash films seems to have disappeared from the radar. The goal of this new gameplan definitely seems to focus on getting away from the failures the DCEU experienced in its early years.

The Joker, which is premiering in October 2019 seems to be in a universe of its own and is not likely to be related to either of the two cinematic universes. So with this new mess of universes in the DCEU do you think the future that Warner Bros. has planned is going to be bright? Only time will tell.

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