The Ending Of 'Arcane' Explained

The Ending Of 'Arcane' Explained

The video game-based Netflix series ended with quite a bang!

It's not easy to adapt a video game into a TV series, but the League of Legends adaptation, Arcane, has turned into a massive hit. The incredible animation, the captivating storylines, and the deeply complex characters make the Netflix show a delight to watch. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season after season 1 dropped nine episodes. Over the course of the show, we saw the story of two sisters, Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Powder (later called Jinx; played by Ella Purnell) unfold. The other significant plot of the series focused on Jayce (Kevin Alejandro), a young scientist who found a way to harness magical energy for practical use and rises to power in the prosperous overcity of Piltover. The finale's cliff-hanger leaves us wondering what will happen next. It sure did end with a bang!


Who Will Lead Zaun With Vander and Silco Gone?

Zaun lost Vander first, who was the one to lead the Lanes neighborhood and try to keep the peace between Piltover's Enforcers and the undercity. After his death, his brother took over for years but now that Jinx has killed her second father-figure, the villainous Silco, who will take over the undercity? Could it be Vi? Makes the most sense as she's from Zaun and was raised by one of its former leaders. Whoever it ends up being, they need someone to unite the undercity, otherwise, the Nation of Zaun will fall. 


What Will Happen Between Zaun and Piltover?

By the end of Arcane, tensions are rising, and there seems to be war lurking around the corner for both Piltover and Zaun. Jayce was willing to broker peace with Zaun, but now that Silco is dead, what will happen? At the time, Jayce had asked for Jinx in return for the undercity's sovereignty. Silco seemed like he might consider it, but as he was dying, he told Jinx that he would never have had the heart to trade Jinx, who he thinks of like a daughter. For someone who criticized Vander for being too soft, it looked like Silco himself did the same when he raised Jinx like his own daughter.


At the same time, it seems Jayce, who gains more power as a new Councillor, has to deal with the repercussions of his weaponized technology, Hextech. Also, on the other side of Zaun, Heimerdinger and Ekko seem to be now working together with a common aim to help save the undercity. 


What About Vi and Jinx?

Vi has been desperately trying to save her sister, but so much has happened since the two were separated. "I thought maybe you could love me like you used to, even though I'm different," Jinx tells Vi after killing Silco. "But you've changed, too. Here's to the new us."


From the timid little girl named Powder, Jinx is now an entirely new person. She's colorful and unpredictable. Vi is strong and more of a classic-type hero who wants peace, while Jinx seems to crave chaos. Vi and Jinx's relationship is likely to remain at the heart of this show even next season, which clearly can't come quickly enough!


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