The Cuphead Show! Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Let's explore together all the latest updates on The Cuphead Show! and the possibilities of a season 4.

The Cuphead Show! Season 4

The Cuphead Show! is undeniably one of Netflix's finest animated series, earning its place in the platform's history. This show, based on the popular video game, chronicles the adventures of Cuphead and his trusty brother Mugman. It's a delightful blend of vintage animation aesthetics and modern storytelling. But can we expect to see more? Let's explore.

Will The Cuphead Show! Return For Season 4?

As of now, Netflix has not made an official announcement regarding The Cuphead Show! Season 4. This uncertainty has left fans on the edge of their seats. However, when we examine Netflix's animation trends, the odds of a fourth season seem slim.

Netflix typically orders a specific number of episodes upfront for its animated titles. In the case of The Cuphead Show!, this order comprised three seasons, totaling 36 episodes, all of which were delivered throughout 2022. This means that any additional episodes would necessitate a season renewal, and, as of now, there's no confirmation of that happening. While Netflix hasn't officially labeled season 3 as the final season, past patterns suggest that it might be.

There is hope though Deeki Deke, the head writer of The Cuphead Show!, in November 2022, around the time of the global release of his animated movie, The Soccer Football Movie. When asked about the show's future beyond season 3, Deke expressed optimism, saying, "There better be more – I have too many episode ideas! I'm hopeful there's a renewal or a continuation in some form, but we'll see." It's worth noting that Deke's LinkedIn profile lists January 2021 as the end of his role as Head Writer, and many other individuals involved with the show have moved on to new projects.

The Cuphead Show!
The Cuphead Show!

The Campaign to Renew The Cuphead Show!

Fans of The Cuphead Show! have taken to Twitter to rally for a new season. You can join their efforts by searching the hashtag "#RENEWTHECUPHEADSHOW." Their passion and dedication are a testament to the show's impact and the desire for more adventures with Cuphead and Mugman.


In the Meantime...

While we await official news on the show's fate, there are ways to satiate your craving for The Cuphead Show. The video games that inspired the series are still available for you to enjoy. Additionally, Dark Horse Books released "The Art of The Cuphead Show" in late 2022. This hardcover volume takes you on a journey back to the golden age of 1930s animation, celebrating the acclaimed run & gun game, Cuphead. It's a must-have for any die-hard fan.

In conclusion, the future of The Cuphead Show! on Netflix remains uncertain, but hope lingers. As fans campaign for a renewal, we can only wait and see if Cuphead and Mugman will grace our screens once more. Until then, you can dive into the world of Cuphead through the games and immerse yourself in its artistic brilliance with "The Art of The Cuphead Show." Stay tuned for updates, and let's keep our fingers crossed for more escapades with these beloved characters!