'The Collector 3': Here's Everything We Know So Far

'The Collector 3': Here's Everything We Know So Far

In the modern day slasher franchise, The Collector and The Collection were among the fan favorites and the third movie of the franchise is finally coming to the big screen.

Josh Stewart has taken it to Twitter to reveal that the third Collector movie is finally coming to the big screen, reported Bloody Disgusting.  The first two movies were easily among the recent favorites of the Slasher genre and the news of the third movie happening has been well received by the fans of the franchise. The title of the third movie has been revealed to be 'The Collector 3' and the previous two movies of the franchise was titled as 'The Collector' and 'The Collection'. 


Stewart has previously played the role of heroic thief Arkin in the first two movies and he also has the honor of revealing the news of the third movie and unveiling the movie poster on social media. The tagline of the movie was quite simple and it read, "Lock the door." Apart from the 'Collector' series, Stewart is also known for his roles in movies such as 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'Interstellar' as Barsad and the voice of CASE.


The script of the movie is written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and the movie will be directed by Dunstan. Along with Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick will also be reprising her role in the movie. At the end of the second movie, Stewart's character literally collected the collector, hence the third film’s title is pretty perfect. David Brown and Brett Forbes will be the producer for the third movie. The Collector series comes from the writers behind 'The Saw' franchise, which is another super successful slasher movie. 


'The Collector' movie tells the story of a maniac who collects people, living or dead. The character of the collector was apparently dealt with in the second movie, so the fans of the series have to wait and see which direction the third movie takes. Even though the plot for the third movie has not been officially announced yet, it can be assumed that it’ll take place directly after the ending of 'The Collection'. In the final scene of the second movie, Arkin makes his way to The Collector’s real house and manages to kidnap him in a way that parallels his own abduction in the ending of the original film. After such an exciting climax, it’ll be a treat to see what they have in store for 'The Collector 3'.

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