The Cast Of 'Dune' 2021 Compared To The Cast Of 'Dune' 1984

The latest adaptation from director Denis Villeneuve will be available to stream on Oct. 22.

Source: IMDb

Dune is based on the novel by Frank Herbert and was first adapted for the big screen in 1984 by director David Lynch. The new adaptation of the sci-fi film has been made by  53-year-old French-Canadian writer and director Denis Villeneuve. He's been obsessed with Lynch's version since he was a teen. "I remember being mesmerized at the beginning of it. Lynch is a master," said Villeneuve according to CNET, "by far one of the best filmmakers over the past 50 years. It's not about comparing or competition. It's just about that book that was beside my bed since 40 years, and the ideas that I love about the book were not on screen yet, so that's why I came back to it."

Sci-fi fans can check out Villeneuve's movie in theaters and streaming platforms on Oct. 22. As for the cast, let's have a look at the actors from the 1984 film with the ones in 2021's version. Do note, Sting played Feyd-Rautha in Dune (1984), but his character of Feyd-Rautha will not appear in the upcoming adaptation.

1. Kyle MacLachlan played Paul Atreides in Dune (1984), and Timothée Chalamet plays Paul Atreides in Dune (2021).


2. Jürgen Prochnow played Duke Leto Atreides I in Dune (1984), and Oscar Isaac plays Duke Leto Atreides I in Dune (2021).


3. Francesca Annis played Lady Jessica in Dune (1984), and Rebecca Ferguson plays Lady Jessica in Dune (2021).


4. Patrick Stewart played Gurney Halleck in Dune (1984), and Josh Brolin plays Gurney Halleck in Dune (2021).


5. Richard Jordan played Duncan Idaho in Dune (1984), and Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho in Dune (2021).


6. Max von Sydow played Dr. Liet Kynes in Dune (1984), and Sharon Duncan-Brewster plays Dr. Liet Kynes in Dune (2021).


7. Sean Young played Chani in Dune (1984), and Zendaya plays Chani in Dune (2021).


8. Siân Phillips played Reverend Mother Mohiam in Dune (1984), and Charlotte Rampling plays Reverend Mother Mohiam in Dune (2021).


9. Dean Stockwell played Dr. Wellington Yueh in Dune (1984), and Chen Chang plays Dr. Wellington Yueh in Dune (2021).


10. Paul L. Smith played The Beast Rabban Harkonnen in Dune (1984), and Dave Bautista plays The Beast Rabban Harkonnen in Dune (2021).