The 7 Most Watched Netflix Titles Of All Time

The 7 Most Watched Netflix Titles Of All Time

Based on the statistics released by Netflix, here are the 7 most watched Netflix titles in history!

Netflix is the largest premium streaming service on the planet right now. Even though many competitors like Amazon Prime and Hulu are catching up, Netflix still reigns supreme. Many of its shows and movies garner a huge viewership and following. But with so many Netflix Originals being released on a weekly basis, one must wonder which ones stand out above the rest. Well, we got a list of 7 Netflix titles that are the most viewed in history. 

We'll be starting from the lowest and going up to the highest. Some of the stats are from Netflix's new metric system. The ones marked with a * uses Netflix’s new metric system. Before 2020 Netflix counted a view when a viewer watched 70% of a title. Now, in 2020, Netflix counts a view when a viewer watches only 2 minutes. Only 3 of the titles in the list used the new metric. Okay, let's begin!

7. The Perfect Date - 48 Million Views 


Noah Centineo is the face of Netflix! From his role in To All The Boys I've Loved Before to Perfect Date, his films score quite a high viewings. Within a month, The Perfect Date garnered an impressive 48 million viewers.

6. Triple Frontier - 52 million views


Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal were definitely enough to get viewers' attention on the streaming platform. The all-star cast was able to capture some amazing viewing figures for its first 30 days.

5. You (Season 2) – 54 million views*


This is the first title in the lineup that has a star. So all the views were counted after 2 minutes of viewing. So the viewership could be significantly less. Only Netflix knows. But, You is one of the most popular series on Netflix right now so it probably would make this list with the new and old metric.

4. The Witcher – 72 million views*


Everyone knew that The Witcher was going to have high viewership. The trailers alone broke records on the Netflix YouTube channel. So this high number isn't very surprising.

3. Murder Mystery – 73 million views


Adam Sandler's partnership with Netflix has been incredibly successful securing a total of over 2 billion hours of viewings. Murder Mystery is the most successful of all his Netflix projects with 73 million views in its first month.

2. Bird Box – 80 million views


Bird Box is technically the most-viewed Netflix film or series of all time considering the old metric and considering the metrics were released 1.29 weeks after its release. So Bird Box is number 1.

1. 6 Underground – 83 million views*


With the new metric, Ryan Reynolds is the king of Netflix. 6 Underground completely crushed the viewing figures scoring 83 million viewers in its first four weeks.

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