The 100 Season 7: Air Date, Cast, Plot and More

The 100 Season 7: Air Date, Cast, Plot and More

A spaceship housing 100 of humanity's juveniles returns to Earth ninety-seven years after a nuclear disaster. The latest season continues their story.

There's a feeling of loss when a series you've been following for what seems like ages comes to an end. For those of us who were around when Smallville or even Breaking Bad had their wrap would know that feeling. The sense of emptiness that comes with the end of a brilliant series. The 100 will be wrapping production at the end of season 7. Looking back over the last six seasons has nostalgia and memories galore. It's not over yet, however. We have a whole season left to look forward to. Based on what we've seen so far, we have quite the ride in store for us for this final set of episodes.

What's the Plot of The 100 Season 7?

The 100

Initially, The 100 started as an adaptation of a series of YA novels by author Kass Morgan. However, over the years, the series has adopted and expanded the lore quite a bit. So much so that it can almost be considered its own original production at this point. From what we've heard, season seven will spend a lot of time focusing on The Anomaly. Given the reveal at the end of season six that Hope spent three days from being a fetus to being in her early twenties opens a lot of questions for viewers. According to director Jason Rothenberg, we will be exploring the strangeness that The Anomaly brings about throughout this season. Additionally, he mentioned that no time travel will be involved and that the new season will pick up immediately where season six ended. These morsels of information already have our interest piqued!

Who's In The Cast of The 100 Season 7?

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Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) will rejoin the series for its final season as the lead protagonist. We'll also see the return of familiar faces, including Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), and Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes). Shelby Flannery (grown-up Hope) will be a regular in season 7 as a lot of the plot will center around her transformation. New faces include Alaina Huffman of Smallville fame and Chad Rook from The Flash, both of which will be playing new characters we'll meet in season seven.

Is That a Spin-Off I Smell?

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While The 100 is coming to a close at the end of this season, it's not the end of the line for the setting and lore. There will be a prequel spin-off, and Rothenberg noted that we'd be seeing the pilot sometime during season 7. While the working title of the pilot is Anaconda, the series doesn't yet have a name. We do know that it'll be set ninety-seven years before the original series started. Reports have put the timeline at the point just after a massive nuclear war destroyed the planet, and a band of survivors must learn to survive in this wasteland.

What's more important about this spin-off series is that it'll allow Rothenberg to explore ideas he didn't have the chance to in The 100. His statements about the end of the show noted that he didn't really have an idea about the ending when he started work on the project. He did note that The 100 was enormously scalable and because of that flexibility, they could have chosen any season to end the series at. It's a good likelihood that the spin-off series will adopt that flexibility from its predecessor.

When Do We Expect Season 7?

While last season aired in April 2019, this season is likely to take a bit more work. Filming commenced in September 2019, and with the addition of special effects, we may have to wait a little later this year, around May or June, before it sees the light of day.

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