Netflix's 'That's Amor' Ending Explained

When everything falls apart for a woman, she decides to start over and unexpectedly finds love.

Cover Image Source: Youtube.com/trulyindiestudios

Foreign language films often get less traction than English language ones. That’s Amor is not one of them. It is a romantic comedy following a graphic designer Sofia whose personal and professional life blows up in her face so she decides to go back to her hometown and live with her mom until she figures out whatever is happening in her life. Initially, we see Sofia on her 30th birthday sitting in her office chair lamenting how no one actually knows her in the office, Digital Mafia Talkies writes. 

Assuming she can at least make her professional life better, she goes to her boss to figure out a future in graphic design. Instead, she gets fired from her job because her boss tells her to fulfill her calling instead of being an assistant at the job forever. In extreme duress, she comes home expecting her husband to provide emotional support for her professional mishap, what she gets is, him philandering with someone else while she was working. To add salt to the wound, while she storms out of the place, she trips on the stairs and sprains her ankle.


Having enough of this drama, she goes home to her mother to get some downtime on all this. While visiting the Zumba class, they come across a pamphlet for a Couples Cooking Class. Sofia’s mother pesters her to do it and she’ll join her. Sofia is swiftly against it, especially when a chef named Matias helps her out of the car and starts to hit on her. Of course, as all rom-coms go, they soon start tolerating each other. The toleration turns into infatuation which in turn becomes a significant meaningful connection.

To add angst, we find out that Matias has been dating someone online but it had pretty much fizzled out after the other person had cheated on him. While he did try to explain to Sofia what was happening and she did seem to believe it, it threw her off the game for a while. She decided to use this as an escape and told him that she did not want her to be broken again and besides he was already leaving for Madrid. All this time with Matias she had spent had come reeling once she had walked out of his life. She realized that Richard never knew her and that all her sacrifices for him, like moving to California were not feasible anymore. After Matias and she conversed about her desire to be a graphic designer, he encouraged her to take that path.

Among all this, Sofia wakes up from the spell and decides to look for Matias, when his cousin tells her that he is leaving for Madrid. She could catch up with him and he was just about to leave when she approached him. They made up and she explained how she too got into a college in Madrid for graphic design. He gets excited, tells her he’s going to show her around and that’s how the film ends.

Pretty standard rom-com energy, there is the avoidance of a thing, the meet-cute, the trope it’s supposed to evoke, some friendship, then some crushes, then angst and finally the part where they make up. This film follows that very closely, it fulfills tropes and therefore may become a cliche for some viewers.

That’s Amor is streaming on Netflix.