Thaddea Graham: 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Irregulars' Actress

Thaddea Graham: 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Irregulars' Actress

From playing the guitar to shooting guns and riding horses, this young actress is unbelievably talented it's hard not to get a little jealous.

There's a new star on the rise, and you are about to see her in Netflix's upcoming Sherlock Holmes Spinoff 'The Irregulars'.

Her name is Thaddea Graham, and she plays the leader of a group of teenagers who are investigating supernatural crime cases in the upcoming series. This probably isn't the first time you've seen the actress on the streaming platform. Let's get to know Thaddea Graham more.

Here are 10 exciting facts about the actress. 

1. She's A Talented Musician

Thaddea Graham is more than just an actress. She is a talented musician, too! She plays the guitar and loves sharing her music with fans. There are a lot more videos of the young actress sharing her music to fans on her Instagram. Go ahead and check them out!


2. She's A Passionate Photographer

Thaddea Graham may have spent ample time in front of the camera for 'The Irregulars,' but the actress equally loves working behind it too. She has a separate Instagram account where she shares candid photos of her friends, street scenes, and so much more. She is quite talented in capturing emotions and freezing them on a frame, forever. 


3. She Starred In Netflix's ‘Letter for the King’

'The Irregulars' is not the first show where Thaddea Graham lands a lead role. She was cast as Iona, the biggest badass in Netflix's ‘Letter for the King.' The coming-of-age action-adventure series premiered on Netflix in March 2020. 


4. She Has A Youtube Channel

Can't get enough of Thaddea Graham? Then you would be glad to know that aside from a very active Instagram account, she also has a youtube channel where she often shares her music and hosts conversations about the acting world. Go ahead and give her some love by subscribing to her channel. 

5. She Graduated From The Same School As Julie Andrews and Adam Cooper

Thaddea Graham honed her acting skills in Arts Educational School in London, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2018. Some of the school's notable alumni include Julie Andrews and Adam Cooper.

Thaddea Graham- Us

6. She Starred In BBC's 'Us.'

Thaddea Graham played Kat in BBC's four-part television comedy-drama series, 'Us.' The series aired on BBC from 20 September to 11 October 2020. Thaddea was able to relate deeply with her character due to the fact that she was also a musician. She was so invested in the character that she even went as far as suggesting her backstory with the producer.

"I just love Kat’s energy - she’s so big and full of life - and I love the fact she is a musician. I created a bit of a backstory with our producer that Kat had gone on a journey with some people from home in Northern Ireland and started a little band by going on a tour in Europe. However, it fell apart because Kat has a very big personality. She’s very confident, and I think that could cause a bit of trouble within a group, so she split off," Thaddea told BBC

7. She Is A Mental Health Advocate

Thaddea Graham often uses her social media presence to encourage healthy conversations and raising awareness on the importance of mental health. Hats off to this young, talented, very passionate, and caring woman. 

8. She Loves Composing Songs

We already talked about Thaddea Graham's knack for playing music, but we haven't talked about her incredible ability to write lyrics. It feels like she can write a song about anything! You can see some of her random and latest compositions on Instagram. 

Thaddea Graham

9. She's Skilled In Horse-riding, Kayak, Shooting, And Stage Combat

Thaddea Graham's casting profile reveals that she is skilled in Horse-riding, Kayak, Shooting, and Stage Combat. She has already shown some of these amazing abilities as Hanmei Collins in the 2017 British dystopian drama, 'Crew,' as Iona in Netflix's 'The Letter for the King'.

Honestly, is there anything this young actress can't do?

10. Thaddea Graham Quick Facts

Thaddea Graham is born in China on 29 March 1997. She went to Killinchy Primary School in Killinchy and later in Bloomfield Collegiate School in Belfast, then she had her formal acting training in  Arts Educational School in London,

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