Terry Crews Shares A Hilarious King Triton Audition

Terry Crews Shares A Hilarious King Triton Audition

By the looks of it, Terry Crews is going to make a really good King Triton in the upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid.

It looks like Terry Crews is geared up to get the role of King Triton for Disney's live-action remake of 'The Little Mermaid'. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star recently shared some hilarious fan art featuring his upper body photoshopped onto Triton’s fishtail. Only last week it was announced that R&B singer Hailey Bailey is cast as Ariel and this movie will be her debut though Black-ish fans may recognize her from her supporting role as Sky Forster on the spinoff show Grown-ish.


In previous shows, we have seen Crews in the role of a caring dad in Everybody Hates Chris and Lieutenant Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, hence, it is pretty easy for the audience to imagine him giving Ariel a stern lecture for obsessing over a boy she’s seen just once. Also, Crews is muscular enough to fit in the role of King Triton as the 1989 animated version was an extremely pumped-up version of the character. Crews even shared a hilarious Instagram audition for the role. 

In the video, Crews does a rendition of the Academy Award-winning Under the Sea, but he becomes a little creative with it as he forms his own lyrics. He can be heard saying, "Under the sea! Under the sea! My pecs are better, my Triton is bigger, take it from me! Need a refresher? watch @AGT!" His real-life daughter, Azriél Crews commented on the video, who can be heard groaning 'Dad' with both a face-palm and a crying laughing emoji.


But, this is not the first time Crews has expressed his desire to play the role of the Disney Patriarch. He has previously shared a photoshopped picture of him as a merman and King Triton's empire can be seen in the background. 


He captioned the picture, saying, "Ariel’s Dad!!!! HEAR ME OUT!!". This post got his fans really excited and they all unanimously agreed that Crews is the perfect choice to pick up King Triton’s powerful trident. In fact, one fan got so excited by the thought of Crews playing the role of King Triton they have created a petition to persuade Disney to cast him in the upcoming remake.

The Change.org petition, that was started by Gabriel McArthur, reads, "I don’t know why grown adults care so much about the casting of mermaids. Mermaids are imaginary creatures. I also don’t know why Disney can’t come up with an original idea these days BUT it’s nice to see new representations in familiar stories. Terry Crews is a great actor and I honestly can’t picture anyone else playing King Triton in the live-action Little Mermaid. I’m betting you agree. So sign it! You know you wanna."

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