Team Kaylie Part 4: Everything We Know So Far

Team Kaylie Part 4: Everything We Know So Far

Team Kaylie's final episodes released early this year. Will the teen billionaire and her team come back for more adventures?

There's always something so satisfying when we see rich, spoiled, celebrity teenagers get to learn life lessons by living life as a normal person, away from unnecessary luxury.

Such narrative has launched countless TV shows, movies, and novels into success since time immemorial.

This very same formula has paved the way for the teen live-action comedy series, Team Kaylie, to secure 20 episodes from Netflix.

After the last remaining episodes released in February 2020, can fans still expect to see more of Team Kaylie? Let's find out. 

Team Kaylie

Has Team Kaylie Been Renewed For Part 4? 

As of the moment, there is still no news whether Netflix will order more episodes for Team Kaylie or not.

Netflix has released the 20 episodes in three parts. The first five episodes (Part 1) premiered on September 23, 2019, followed by six episodes (part 2) on December 2, 2019. The final nine episodes (part 3) released on February 3, 2020.

The show has received mixed reviews with only roughly 6 out of 10-star rating on IMDB. Nevertheless, Team Kaylie still managed to snatch quite a following, so maybe that will help Netflix decide. 

Team Kaylie

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Team Kaylie Part 4? 

If the show ever gets renewed, we can still expect to see Kaylie and her whole crew continue their adventures for Season 2 slash Part 4.

The main casts include Bryana Salaz as a 19-year-old billionaire Kaylie Konrad. Alison Fernandez as the leader Amber, Symera Jackson as the genius Jackie, Elie Samouhi as the cute but always confused Chewie, 

Kai Calhoun as pop culture fanatic Ray Ray and Eliza Pryor as the wannabe witch Valeria.

What Is The Plot of Team Kaylie Part 4? 

Team Kaylie follows the story of a rich teenage social media celebrity, Kaylie Konrad, who is forced to become a middle school wilderness club leader as court-ordered community service after getting in trouble with the law.

With very little idea about the wilderness, Kaylie struggles to supervise her younger team members on significant outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and more.

However, as the season progresses, we saw Kaylie's character transform as she realizes the true meaning of life behind the flashing cameras and luxury.

The other characters also evolved together with Kaylie, which speaks a lot about Kaylie's leadership potential.

If Netflix ever renews the show, we are expecting to see Kaylie and her crew embark on more adventures. While Kaylie has her reality show, we believe more exciting things will be lined up for her and the team along the way.

When Can We See The Official Trailer For Team Kaylie Part 4? 

We will surely have to wait a while before we could lay our eyes on the official trailer if the show ever gets renewed.

In the meantime, let's take a look back at some of the highlights of the show through Team Kaylie Part 3's official trailer. Bear in mind that others may confuse season 3 with part 3.


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