'Talk To Me' 2: Everything We Know So Far

Here's all we know about the upcoming Talk To Me Sequel.

Talk To Me 2

Horror movies have a knack for portraying teenagers as, well, not the sharpest tools in the shed. From ill-advised decisions to ignoring obvious warning signs, these youthful protagonists often find themselves in terrifying predicaments. However, "Talk to Me" managed to take this classic trope and elevate it, delivering spine-chilling thrills with a twist of possession. As fans eagerly await the sequel, "Talk to Me 2," we dive into the speculation surrounding its release date, cast, and plot. Brace yourselves for a journey into the world of supernatural horrors.

When Is The Release Date Of Talk to Me 2?

The announcement of a "Talk to Me" sequel on August 8, 2023, sent shockwaves of excitement through horror enthusiasts. Directed once again by the talented duo, Danny and Michael Philippou, fans are holding their breath for a 2024 or 2025 release. It's no surprise, given the original's roaring success, becoming A24's second-highest earning horror film, right behind "Hereditary." Moreover, the open-ended conclusion of "Talk to Me" practically begged for a sequel.

A24 revealed the sequel's existence through a cryptic tweet featuring The Hand morphing into a '2,' with the new title, "Talk 2 Me." It's evident that the Philippou brothers are invested in expanding the lore and mythology surrounding The Hand, hinting at the potential for a third installment. With talk of a "mythology bible" and a trilogy in the making, the world of "Talk to Me" is poised for further exploration.


Who's In The Cast Of Talk to Me 2?

Anticipate a fresh start with a new cast for "Talk to Me 2," especially considering the first movie's conclusion, where The Hand finds itself in the possession of a new group of teens. While the original's closing scenes show Spanish-speaking teens encountering Mia's spirit, the sequel is likely to venture in a different direction and location.

However, there's a compelling thread from the original, where the teens attempt to contact Cole, whose brother fell victim to The Hand in the opening scene. If the sequel follows a similar pattern, we might witness cameos from original cast members and even another appearance by Sophie Wilde as Mia, in ghostly form.

What is Talk to Me 2 About?

Although an official synopsis is currently unavailable, we can speculate that "Talk to Me 2" will revolve around a new group of teenagers discovering the sinister power of The Hand and plunging headlong into the world it unveils. The closing scenes of "Talk to Me" leave The Hand in the company of Spanish-speaking teens, hinting that they may become the new victims. Additionally, the Philippou brothers' desire to delve into the backstory and history of The Hand suggests a richer narrative.

The filmmakers have teased an extensive "mythology bible" that explores every facet of the supernatural elements in the "Talk to Me" universe. With glimpses of the chilling spirit world in the first film, it's conceivable that the sequel will see the new group of teens delving deep into this otherworldly realm, perhaps seeking answers about The Hand's origins or encountering the second Hand briefly mentioned in the original.

Is There a Talk to Me 2 Trailer?

As of now, there's no trailer for "Talk to Me 2" since the movie has only recently been announced. However, if past practices hold, we can expect a trailer to drop a few months before the film's release. Stay tuned as we monitor developments regarding this highly anticipated sequel.


Talk To Me 2
Talk To Me 2

"Talk to Me 2" promises to immerse us once again in the gripping and supernatural world of The Hand. With speculations about its release date, cast, and plot swirling, fans of the original film have much to look forward to. Stay tuned for updates on this eagerly awaited sequel, and in the meantime, don't be afraid to explore the horrors of the original "Talk to Me" universe.