Sydney Park: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the ‘There's Someone Inside Your House’ Star

Sydney Park: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the ‘There's Someone Inside Your House’ Star

Sydney plays Makhani Young, the lead role, in the slasher film and has been making waves in the entertainment world for a while now.

Sydney Park is no stranger to the screen. She has been an entertainer from a very young age, gaining acclaim and the recognition she deserves, over the years. Sydney plays Makhani Young, the lead role, in her latest film There's Someone Inside Your House on Netflix. The slasher film with a whodunit plot is an engaging watch and is a perfect Halloween movie. 

'There Is Someone Inside Your House'

The rising star has been making waves in the entertainment industry and has so much more of her to show. She will be starring as a lead in the romantic drama First Love alongside Hero Fiennes Tiffin as she explores new genres to show off her acting skills. While we wait for her new projects, here are some things about her you may not have known.

1. She has Korean heritage

Sydney Park is biracial with an African American mother and a Korean American father. She was born in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in Los Angeles, California. She has spoken about how it is challenging for a BIPOC actor like herself to make it against all odds in the world of acting. Speaking about the racist attacks last year she said, "I think being Black and Asian, it's been an especially tiring past year." Talking about her personal experience growing up, she added, "My parents have dealt with so much racism just being an inter-racial couple." Sydney shared that she is coping with everything happening with the Black and Asian community by being unapologetically herself.


2. Her grandmother was a part of the Black Panther Party

Sydney's grandmother Marlene Cole was a part of the college political organization, Black Panther Party that challenged police brutality and fought for racial justice. Last year, she took to Instagram to share the same and wrote: If you label me as an “Angry Black Woman” then guess what? You’re right. I am angry. And I am proudly Black and Asian. My grandmother, Marlene Cole, was a member of the #BlackPantherParty. She laid her LIFE on the line. I was texting her today and I said, 'Grandma, I promise you we will carry your legacy. We will rise up.' I am DONE holding my tongue to make the oppressor feel comfortable. Peace be with you all who are fighting out there for us in this twisted world."

3. She did stand-up comedy

Before Sydney started acting, she was well-known in the comedy scene. "I grew up doing sketch comedy and improv and stand up, whether I was in school or on stage. So comedy for me is easy and effortless, and really just fun," Sydney told Black Girl Nerds in an interview. She thinks comedy is her thing and something she enjoys doing.


4. She was the youngest performer at Hollywood improv

Sydney has been making waves in the comedy scene from a very young age. She was just six years old, in 2003 when she debuted at the famous Hollywood Improv. Now, it is known as just The Improv. Legends like Bette Midler, Jay Leno, the late Joan Rivers, among others including Jim Carrey, and Jimmy Fallon were some of the people who have performed there. For many, this would be the pinnacle of their comedy career but for young Sydney, this was the first step.

5. She auditioned for America's Got Talent

Sydney auditioned in the very first season of America's Got Talent as Syd The Kid, performing her comedy, in 2006. She was in sixth grade at the time. She got three yesses from Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, and Brandy Norwood. Syd The Kid made it all the way to the semifinals. But she left the competition just before the semifinals for undisclosed reasons. Even then she was the first standup comedian whose audition was televised on America's Got Talent. She was also the first televised kid act.


6. She started off her acting career with That's So Raven

Following America's Got Talent, Sydney made her way to Disney. She made her acting debut on the Disney show That's So Raven where she played a character with the same name. She also appeared in an episode of Hannah Montana. She has since been in many other hit TV series in small roles including Entourage, Gary Unmarried, CSI: NY, among others. In 2017 she landed her first main role onscreen in Lifeline, a YouTube Red Original. In 2019, she appeared in Santa Clarita Diet and had the lead role in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, a prequel to the hit teen drama show. 


7. Her birthday is on Halloween

Sydney Park was born on October 31, 1997. As she transitioned from comedies to thrillers and horrors, she explained, "My birthday is on Halloween, I always had a fascination with horror and gore and scary movies. They used to scare me when I was little, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the film-making side of horror movies and just the horror genre in general." She starred in her first horror film Wish Upon, in 2017.

8. You may remember her from The Walking Dead

If Sydney Park looks familiar, it's because she plays the role of Cyndie in The Walking Dead, starting from Season 7. “I’ve been on the show for about four seasons now and it has been such an incredible experience,” she told Vogue in an interview. “Not only because it’s so iconic to be a part of that world, but the family you create out there in Atlanta and those long-life friendships and experiences you have are unbeatable. It’s been really fun.”


9. She has hosted the HALO effect

The HALO effect is a docu-series from Nickelodean that profiles in every episode a young activist who is making a positive change in his or her community and inspiring others to do the same. Sydney, who was in the Nickelodeon series Instant Mom, was the host of this docu-series that would feature a young activist who is making a positive change in his or her community and inspiring others to do the same in every episode.

10. She is a bookworm

Sydney shared in an interview with Popmania that she is quite the nerd and is a bookworm at heart. "Even when I was a little girl I always had Gameboys and Nintendos, but really what I wanted for my birthday would like an extreme gift card to Barnes and Noble. That was like my thing, always reading."


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