Sword Gai Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Embark on a gripping anime journey with "Sword Gai," but will we get a season 3? Let's explore.

Sword Gai Season 3

Anime enthusiasts often come across shows that either impress them or fall short of expectations. Just like anything else in this imperfect world, anime productions can be hit or miss. People's preferences play a significant role in whether they like a particular anime or not. However, when a show flops and fails to meet the expectations of the majority, it becomes evident that something is amiss. One such case is "Sword Gai," which has already seen two seasons. In this blog post, we delve into everything you need to know about Sword Gai Season 3 and whether the series will continue or come to an end.

Will Sword Gai Return For Season 3?

Unfortunately, Sword Gai received a poor reception from both critics and audiences. On IMDb, it boasts a dismal score of 5.8 out of 100, indicating a significant disappointment among viewers. Reviews commonly describe it as incoherent, outlandish, and futile, with heavy borrowing from other anime concepts. The show's genre seemed scattered, encompassing elements of horror, action, fantasy, and the supernatural.

Due to its abysmal performance and negative reviews, Netflix officially canceled Sword Gai, leaving fans without any hope for a Season 3. It is only rational for a streaming giant like Netflix to invest in shows that resonate well with the audience and bring in profits, which was not the case with this anime.

Meet the Characters and Crew of Sword Gai

The anime was brought to life by director Takahiro Ikezoe and Tomohito Naka, along with characters designed by Atsuko Nakajima. The main characters include Gai Ogata, voiced by Yūto Uemura, who wields the Demonic Sword Shiryu; Seiya Ichijō, voiced by Yuichiro Umehara, a user of Chakram; Sayaka Ogata, voiced by Yuka Aisaka, Gai's daughter; Amon Ogata, voiced by Jouji Nakata, Gai's adopted father; Naoki Miki, voiced by Tomokazu Sugita, the user of Fallgon Sword; and Marcus Lithos, voiced by Hiro Shimono, a user of Azoth Sword.

The Plot of Sword Gai

The series follows the story of Gai, a young man who becomes an apprentice to a master metal forger named Amon. As a baby, Gai was found clutching an incredibly cursed katana named "Shiryū," which led to his mother's tragic demise. This katana is one of many cursed weapons that transform their users into armored beasts called Busoma, losing their humanity in the process. After Gai loses his right arm in an attempt to subdue Shiryū, Amon fashions the blade into a prosthetic limb for him. Gai must grapple with his humanity while confronting the Busoma's threat to humanity.

Sword Gai
Sword Gai

Conclusion: No Season 3 for Sword Gai

In conclusion, Sword Gai Season 3 is not in the cards. Netflix has decided to discontinue the series due to its failure to meet expectations and the overwhelming negative feedback from viewers. While Sword Gai may not have hit the mark, there are plenty of other captivating anime series out there waiting to be explored.