'Sweet Girl' Crazy Twist And Ending Explained

'Sweet Girl' Crazy Twist And Ending Explained

Jason Mamoa and Isabela Merced's Netflix action-thriller flick caught us off guard with a crazy twist we never saw coming. Here's what happened.

Netlfix's 'Sweet Girl' was an adrenaline-fueled ride with thrilling action and crazy twists! Directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza and starring Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced, the film tells a widower's quest to find vengeance after his wife's death. 

The quest led him into a fight with deadly and influential people. But not even the intense fights had prepared us enough for the explosive truth. Who are these prominent people that want him dead? And most importantly, did he get the revenge he so desires? 

Here is a very detailed explanation of everything that happened in 'Sweet Girl.'

'Sweet Girl' Synopsis and Ending Explained

The movie begins with a thrilling chase. Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) is cornered by a helicopter and a group of FBI officers at the roof of a stadium. Refusing to surrender, Ray jumps off the roof and plunges into the dark ocean beneath. 

We then cut back a few years before the incident. 

Ray's wife, Amanda Cooper (Adria Arjona) falls ill with cancer. 

The doctor informs Ray that a potential lifesaver drug named Spero is already in the final stages of FDA approval. Spero is a very effective generic version of the ridiculously overprized Infirmam.

However, the company that created Spero suddenly pulled the miracle drug off the market after BioPrime, the makers of Infirmam paid them.

The motive is clear. BioPrime wants to monopolize the market to gain more profit.

Ray calls in and threatens Keeley while watching BioPrime CEO Simon Keeley (Justin Bartha) on a live debate with Congresswoman Diana Morgan (Amy Brenneman ). He warns him that if he doesn't reverse the decision, he will kill him. 

Keeley dismisses his threat, and shortly after, Amanda dies. Ray gets out of the hospital room and breaks down crying. 

Six months after, Ray still carries the pain of losing the love of his life. He spent most of his time in the boxing gym as a way to cope with the sadness. One day he receives a call from a journalist named Martin Bennett (Nelson Franklin). 

Bennett tells Ray he can help get justice for Amanda's death. Bennet claims he has proof of the crimes committed, which could land powerful people in jail, particularly Keeley. 

The two met in the subway. Unknown to Ray, his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) followed him.

Bennet tells Ray about BioPrime's illegal activities, including money laundering schemes, bribery, and cover-ups. All of these are connected to Keeley, but there are other states and federal officers involve.

Bennet asks for Ray to tell his story so he could raise public concern against BioPrimes. In the middle of the conversation, a hitman named Amo Santos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) draws a knife and stabs Bennet.

Ray confronts the hitman, and a fight ensues. Rachel calls out to her dad, who tells him to run. Rachel helps her father tackle the hitman. Rachel gets knocked out while Ray gets stabbed in the stomach. 

The Revenge Begins

Two years later, Rachel is relentlessly training at the boxing gym. The incident had a severe impact on Rachel, and she nearly kills her sparring partner. 

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Diana Morgan announces her partnership with BioPrime. They are working on a bill to bring cancer treatments to the public at a more affordable price. Ray starts investigating BioPrime on his own. 

Ray sneaks into the UNICEF charity auction that Keeley will be attending. Ray spills a drink on Keeley to lure him to the bathroom. Once inside, Ray ambushes Keeley and his bodyguards.

He holds a knife to Keeley's throat and tells him he had been warned. Ray also accused him of killing Martin Bennet, but Keeley insists he doesn't know what Ray is talking about.

Keeley tells him that Chairman Vinod Shah (Raza Jaffrey) orchestrates the killings and is the mastermind of the operations. Ray ends up killing Keeley and one of his bodyguards in self-defense.

After hearing the statement from Keeley's surviving bodyguard, the FBI proceeds to pull out all the death threats Keeley received in the past. 

Ray and Rachel drive away to escape. Meanwhile, the FBI already identifies Ray. They immediately put Cooper's vehicle on a watch. However, the FBI is not the only ones coming after Ray. 

Hitmen are already tracking his whereabouts, too.

Rachel secretly calls the FBI Agent Sarah Meeker (Lex Scott Davis) to tell her his father is innocent. She convinces her to look into the illegal doings of BioPrime. The agent identifies Rachel and felt sympathetic. 

She instructs Rachel to buy a burner phone so they can talk without getting traced.

The hitmen managed to find the hotel Ray and Rachel are staying in. Thanks to the improvised alarm Ray set up in the hallway, Ray wakes up before the killers reached their room. 

A breathtaking fight follows, but Ray managed to take down the two henchmen. Rachel witnesses the incident, which causes more strain in their relationship. 

The FBI arrives at Ray's old apartment and found Ray's wall filled with every article about Keeley.

Agent Meeker receives a call informing them that they spotted Ray's vehicle near a double homicide scene. 

Meanwhile, Santos (the hitman who kills Bennet at the train station) kills a car dealer and steals a vehicle. 

Ray decides he needs to go after Shah. He practices shooting a gun. Rachel takes out a burner phone and calls Agent Meeker. She tells them about the people coming after them. They shared a heartwarming conversation, which made Rachel decide she should help her father with his plans.

Ray does not agree at first, but Rachel's persistence won.

Ray manages to trap Shah's car. However, Santos arrives and kills Shah with his improvised explosive gun before Ray could get answers from him.

Ray hurriedly gets in the car with Rachel and leaves. Rachel identifies that Santos is the same man they faced in the subway. They left their old car in the woods and stole a red tow truck. 

They spotted Santos' green car in the diner. They went inside, and Ray approached Santos, who is casually eating. 

Santos reveals that he is not working for Shah. Ray managed to convince Santos to tell him who he is working for. It's Diana Morgan! 

The FBI learns that Ray is driving the red tow truck. They sent a chopper and plenty of police cars to chase after him in the streets.

Sweet Girl's Crazy Twist Explained: Is Ray Alive?

Ray gets off the car and runs to a crowded stadium. Rachel is nowhere to be found. The chase eventually ended at the roof of the stadium, where they cornered Ray. 

Agent Meeker arrives on the scene and convinces Ray that no one is going to hurt him. Ray says he didn't know her, but Meeker says they have been talking. Meeker recounted the conversation that she and Rachel had. 

"Your father was a good man. You are not him" Meeker added.

In a crazy twist, we see a flashback of Ray and Rachel on the train after their first encounter with Santos two years ago. Ray dies after that encounter, and Rachel has been carrying his unfinished business all along!

Rachel was the one who killed Keeley and his bodyguards. She was the one who singlehandedly killed the hitman and confronted Santos in the diner. 

The death of her two parents caused her to develop an alternate personality to cope with the trauma and pain. Rachel has tried to suppress the scared little girl in her so hard. Whenever we see Ray scolding her for getting out, it was a manifestation of Rachel's desire to hide the weak, innocent child in her.

The realization hit Rachel hard. In the last few seconds, she decides to jump from the roof of the stadium.

Rachel wakes up in the ambulance and immediately tries to escape. The ambulance crashed, and Rachel runs away to a nearby bench. 

She sings her mother's favorite song (Guns and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine), and suddenly, her father appears. Of course, we knew that this is all just in her mind, and we can't help but feel deeply sad for her. 

Rachel asks her father if she will ever see them again, to which Ray replies: 

"We are with you now."

Did Rachel Get Justice?

Rachel goes to Morgan's political rally, and Santos sees her. Later that night, Rachel breaks into Morgan's office and comes face to face with Santos. Rachel managed to throw away Santos' gun and knife. They end up fighting on an outdoor water fountain, where Santos tries to drown her.

But before she could completely lose consciousness, Rachel hears her father's voice

"Get up, Sweet Girl,"

Rachel suddenly regains strength and stabs Santos to death. 

Rachel heads back to Morgan's office and sees the politician there. She orders her to tell the FBI about everything she did with BioPrime, but Morgan is unfazed. 

Rachel puts a knife to her throat, and Morgan admits that she took the bribe and ordered the killing of Martin Bennet. 

Rachel asks her if it was worth it. When she didn't answer, Rachel leaves. Unknowingly, Rachel recorded the whole conversation on her phone. She sends the recording to the FBI. 

The confession led to Morgan's arrest. 

The last scene sees Rachel taking a flight while the news of Morgan's arrest filled the news stations. The fight has ended, and she's now off to start a new chapter in her life. Justice got served.

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