Studio Ghibli ‘Princess Mononoke’ Inspired Camping Site In Japan To Open Next Year

Studio Ghibli ‘Princess Mononoke’ Inspired Camping Site In Japan To Open Next Year

Hygge Circles Ugakei is set to offer the ultimate glamping experience for fans of the famous Studio Ghibli film, 'Princess Mononoke’.

Studio Ghibli fans may soon live in the aesthetic anime world as a Princess Mononoke-ish campsite is being constructed in Japan. 

The campsite will be located in Uga Valley, in Inabe, a breathtaking detour off the Tokyo-Kyoto travel route, filled with majestic mountains, thick forests, refreshing mountain streams, and cascading waterfalls.

Hygge Circles Ugakei is currently in its planning and development stage. It will be designed by a Japanese division of Danish outdoor equipment supplier, Nordisk. 

Hygge Circles Ugakei

Hygge Circles Ugakei is expected to offer the ultimate glamping experience.

The initial plan includes tents and cabins for campers constructed with a conscious emphasis on environmental sustainability. Cool fact: Hygge is a Danish term for a lifestyle of comfortable well-being.

Hygge Circles Ugakei will include the following structures: Nordisk Tents, Hygge Cabins, Hygge Education Field, and Hygge Nature Field. 

Hygge Circles Ugakei

Hygge Circles Ugakei is a 50 minutes train ride away from Nagoya. The campsite is expected to start receiving guests by 2021.

Can't get enough of Studio Ghibli? You'd be happy to know that Ghibli Park, a theme park complete with all things inspired by Studio Ghibli films, will begin construction this month! 

Ghibli Park

Located in Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park in Nagakute City near Nagoya, the theme park will feature five separate areas: Hill of Youth, Ghibli's Large Warehouse, Mononoke's Village, Valley of Witches and Dondoko Forest.

Some parts of the theme park are expected to open in 2022.

Can't wait that long? Don't worry because Japan is the home to the highly-acclaimed animated films.

Here are some of the gorgeous places in Japan that are either inspired by the Studio Ghibli films or may have inspired the creation of these masterpieces. 

Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

The museum in itself looks like a sketch straight out of a Studio Ghibli film.

Aside from featuring numerous Studio Ghibli references, the museum also has a child-sized movie theatre that screens original short animated features made exclusively for the museum by Miyazaki and other Studio Ghibli artists.

Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum

Located further west of the Ghibli Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum serves as a retirement home for historic Japanese buildings. This is one of the inspirations of the abandoned theme park that Chihiro and his parents stumbled upon in Spirited Away.

Totoro's Forest

Who would forget Totoro, the iconic fluffy and furry character from Miyazaki's 1998 film My Neighbour Totoro? Much like the rest of Studio Ghibli films, Totoro has remained relevant even decades since the film's release. Totoro's Forest is a trail in Sayama Hill, which served as an inspiration for the rustic locations in the movie. In 1996, a director helped start a foundation to save parts of the Forest from development. 

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