'Stranger Things' Season 4 Volume I: Why Is The Upside Down Stuck In The Past?

We have learned more about how this dark alternate universe functions and even how it got created in the first place.

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The latest season of Stranger Things has been an action-packed adventure full of twists and turns. We met some new characters and reunited with many old ones. The pacing of the season was swift considering there were multiple storylines developing simultaneously along with several throwback instances. The Upside Down is stronger than ever in Season 4 and we discover more about how this dark alternate universe functions and even how it got created in the first place. (Warning! Spoilers ahead.)

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In Season 4 Volume I, we meet our new antagonist, Vecna, an arachnid monster from the Upside Down who is preying on vulnerable teens. Vecna infiltrates the minds of traumatized teens and absorbs them into himself to gain more power. The gang comes together to not only end "Vecna's Curse" but also protect Max and clear Eddie's name. In their pursuit to find a way to infiltrate the Upside Down and take down Vecna, Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie find a gate to go through but are trapped inside. They are attacked by bat-like creatures of the alternate dimension and to protect themselves, they make their way to Nancy's room where she has guns.

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Or so she thinks. They enter the creepy version of the Wheeler house in the Upside Down to discover that the guns are missing. Nancy realizes that the room was not how she had left it in the real world. It was the image of the room from three years ago. November 6, 1983, to be exact, the day El opened the gate to the Upside Down. While they manage to get through to Dustin, Lucas, and Erica in the normal world, and find a new exit from the Upside Down, we never really delve into the reason the time had stopped. Understandably, the older and younger members of the gang had bigger issues to take care of.

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With two more episodes to go before the close of Season 4, fans are hoping to get an answer for why Upside Down has been stuck in the past. The show creators, the Duffer brothers, have some bad news in that regard. Speaking to Variety about the time stop in the Upside Down, they have said, "That is actually one of the few questions that we’ve raised this season that isn’t going to get answered in Volume 2."


Matt Duffer explained, "But that’s setting the stage for some big reveals in our final season. We’ve said this before, but Netflix, midway through Season 1, they went, 'Can you just please explain to us what the Upside Down is, and where these monsters are coming from — all of this stuff?' So we wrote this document — we spent like a week with our writers just writing out all the mythology and that really is where we really defined what the Upside Down was and where these monsters were coming from and what it all meant. And so this season, we are giving the audience a lot of information, but there’s still mysteries about the Upside Down, and that is a big one. But we really wanted to hint at it this season because it’s going to play such a huge role moving…"

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Don't fret, Ross Duffer assured us that there will be some information that will be revealed in Volume II which will premiere on July 1. "I’m sure someone on Reddit will figure it out based on what they see in Volume 2," Matt added, with Ross stating, "It’s not explicitly stated, the answer to your question, but we do know the answer." The fifth season will be the last season of the show and we still don't know when that will be released. If you also wondered about why the time had stopped and if you thought you missed something, you did not. We are left hanging by the Duffer brothers on purpose.