Step Aside Baby Yoda, It's Time For Baby Jabba!

Step Aside Baby Yoda, It's Time For Baby Jabba!

Baby Yoda is losing some of his stoplight thanks to the next big bad cutie. Baby Jabba has gone viral!

The Mandalorian did a great job of reigniting the flame that we once had for the Star Wars universe. Even though the new movies did well it was evident that the fandom was getting smaller and smaller. Baby Yoda came and created a whole new fandom all together. But Baby Yoda may now have met his match in the cutest contest.

Baby Jabba is now taking over the spotlight! 3-D character development artist Leonardo Viti has developed a baby version of the biggest gangster in all the universe, Jabba the Hutt. When you think of Jabba the Hutt, cuteness isn't the first thing that comes to mind but Viti has been able to tamper with our imaginations. The picture below proves that even a scum and lowlife like Jabba can be cute as a baby.


In the caption Veti said: 

Sorry guys I could not resist... Baby Jabba! Could this be the new star in @themandalorian? Or maybe someone else...? I'm open to suggestions! Let me know in the comments 👇

Why am I calling such a cute little guy a scum and a lowlife? Well, if you watched the films you'd know some of the evil things that he did. He turned Han Solo into art to hang on his wall, he didn't care about how many Gamorrean guards he lost and he was pretty terrible at compensating bounty hunters. But baby Jabba would never do those things. No not Baby Jabba. Baby Jabba won't hurt a fly! Maybe frogs, but not flies!

Veti also showed us a little bit about his skill in creating 3-D images and I can safely say that we are thoroughly impressed. 

Veti only has 15K followers on Instagram but his work has still been able to capture a lot of attention. Scrolling through his feed you'd see a number of projects which make you wonder why he isn't working for the big studios like Disney or Sony. You can check out more of his work over at his website.

And, if you haven't seen the Mandalorian then you can see the full first season on Disney+. With an 8.8/10 rating on IMDB from 127,000 votes, it is clear that people absolutely love it.

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