'Stargirl' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Stargirl' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Stargirl's coming back to save the world again for season 2!

The new Justice Society of America may have successfully saved the planet in 'Stargirl' season 1, but the villains are coming back, bringing even bigger threats in season 2.

'Stargirl' follows Courtney Whitmore, a teenager who takes up the mantle of Stargirl after discovering the Cosmic Staff. She enlists the help of her classmates (Yolanda as Wildcat, Beth as Dr. Mid-Nite, and Rick as Hourman) to help stop the treacherous plans of the Injustice Society of America (aka the ISA).‌

The series concurrently aired its 13 episodes on DC Universe and The CW from May 19, 2020, through August 11, 2020. However, major changes will happen for season 2's release.

Here's everything we know. 


When Will 'Stargirl' Season 2 Release? 

There's no exact release date yet, but you would be happy to know that the production for season 2 has already begun. We received the production update back in October 2020, through a tweet from the show's official Twitter page. 

TVLine says that Stargirl Season 2 won't premiere until the spring/summer of 2021. We are expecting CW to announce the release date soon. 


Is 'Stargirl' Season 2 Still Coming To DC Universe and The CW?

'Stargirl' Season 2 will air exclusively on CW, which is not surprising since DC Universe’s slate of original shows will be moving to HBO Max. In fact, Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn are already streaming there.

In terms of special effects, showrunner Geoff Johns assures us that season 2 is going to be "even better" despite the move to CW.

“Startup costs are always the most expensive, obviously — the building and testing, and a lot of that we’ve already done. We have some new things to get into, which is exciting, but we wouldn’t do Season 2 if we didn’t think we could make it as good as Season 1, but different. We’re going to explore [a] different story, different thematics, different avenues for the characters. We’re all working incredibly hard on this because we’re so proud of Season 1, and we want Season 2 to be even better. That’s our goal, nothing less," Johns said via TVLine

Star Girl

What Is The Plot Of 'Stargirl' Season 2?

We are expecting season 2 to pick up from the loose endings of season 1.

By the end of season 1, the new Justice Society of America managed to stop the ISA from controlling the minds of millions. We saw Yolanda killing Brainwave, Solomon Grundy escaping the ISA, and Starman returning unexpectedly.

Sharpe spared Solomon Grundy's life by the end of season 1, but the towering Zombie's coming back for season 2, Johns confirmed during Stargirl’s DC FanDome panel.

Eclipso, the villain Cindy discovered at the end of Season 1, will also have a big part in season 2.

Meanwhile, the pink pen is still lying on Courtney's desk, waiting to be used. Perhaps we'll see its mystery unfold in season 2. 


Who Are In The Cast Of 'Stargirl' Season 2? 

No casualty from our season 1 major characters was recorded, so we are expecting all of them to return for season 2.

Expect to see Brec Bassinger back as Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl, joined by Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez/Wildcat II, Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-Nite II, Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler/Hourman II, Trae Romano as Mike Dugan, Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman, Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore, and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E.

'Stargirl' Season 2 Trailer: When Can We See It?

Soon! The cameras have already started rolling for 'Stargirl' season 2, so the official trailer will be here any moment from now. We'll just have to wait for a few more months.

For now, you can watch the first season on DC Universe. All 13 episodes are also available to watch on The CW’s website for free.

If you haven't watched the show yet, take a look at season 1's official trailer below. 


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