Spider-Man 3: Everything We Know So Far

Spider-Man 3: Everything We Know So Far

Tom Holland's highly-anticipated superhero threqueel is coming in December.

'Spider-Man 3' is one of the most talked-about and anticipated threequels of the year.

The superhero film starring Tom Holland remains to be untitled but has been gaining a lot of online and news traction in the past month.

Let's take a look at all the latest updates, including new release dates, casting details, and more.

Here's everything we know so far about 'Spider-Man 3'. 


New 'Spider-Man 3' Release Date: When Is It Coming Out? 

The current release date for 'Spider-Man 3' is December 17, 2021. 

We can't guarantee that this is going to be the final release date for the anticipated threequel, as it already suffered numerous delays from the past, most recently from its November 5, 2021 schedule.

Production for 'Spider-Man 3' is still ongoing, but Tom Holland previously said that he would "finish Spider-Man in February next year" (which means next month).

If that's the case, then the film is on track for its December release.

However, even if the film is ready by then, there's another challenge to face.

Sony boss Tony Vinciquerra has already said that 'Spider-Man 3'  will only be released once the theaters are "open and operating at significant capacity".

With a new strain of the Coronavirus coming out, and different parts of the world going back and forth with lockdowns, it's going to be a bit tricky for Sony. 


'Spider-Man 3' Plot: What will happen in 'Spider-Man 3'?

Everybody's trying to keep their mouth shut about what's going to happen in the upcoming threequel, prompting rumors after rumors to spread around like wildfire,

Nevertheless, Tom Holland promised us that it's going to be "absolutely insane".

The 'Spider-Man' actor received the final script shortly after he arrived on set and eagerly shared the excitement with his fans, although he held back from giving any spoilers because he says he's already learned his lesson.

For months now, rumors about the first-ever live-action Spider-verse happening in 'Spider-Man 3' have been circulating.

However, there is still no official confirmation of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's casting to join Tom Holland in the upcoming film.

There are also rumors of the Sinister Six being involved in the threequel, especially after Electro and Doc Ock's casting, which could also lead up to the participation of Tom Hardy's Venom. This is yet to be confirmed. 


'Spider-Man 3' Cast: Who Are Returning? 

Tom Holland is coming back to reprise his role as Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man, together with Zendaya as his love interest, MJ.

Jacob Batalon is also confirmed to return as Peter's BFF, Ned. The actor announced his involvement by sharing a photo of himself back in character.

Benedict Cumberbatch will appear as Doctor Strange, he will reportedly take over the mentor role from Tony Stark after the latter died in Avengers: Endgame.

'Spider-Man 3' will even be more exciting as characters from previous Spider-Man films are also getting a big comeback.

Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina are also reprising their roles as Electro and Doc Ock.

Electro and Doc Ock's casting fueled speculations that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be back as their respective takes on Peter Parker in what's going to be the first Spider-verse ever. Their casting isn't confirmed by Sony yet. 

Is There An Official 'Spider-Man 3' Trailer? 

Filming for 'Spider-Man 3' is still ongoing as of this writing. We're expecting the trailer to drop in the next months, assuming there would be no more problems encountered in the future. We'll keep you posted with the updates. 

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