‘Sounds Like Love’ Ending Explained

‘Sounds Like Love’ Ending Explained

Netflix's Spanish chick flick explores the importance of finding happiness by loving yourself first.

Sometimes in life, we get forced to get out of our comfort zone to experience genuine happiness. That is the underlying message of the Spanish romantic film 'Sounds Like Love' (Fuimos Canciones). 

Directed by Juana Macías, the film follows three friends who get confronted with life and romantic problems. 'Sounds Like Love’ is based on the book ‘Canciones y Recuerdos, ’which translates to ‘Songs and Memories.’

After living in pain for years, the three friends must now decide to confront their past and sum up the courage to look forward to a brighter future. 

Gather your BFFs, and stay close. Here is everything that happened in 'Sounds Like Love.’

'Sounds Like Love'

'Sounds Like Love' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Maca is a 29-year-old woman who works for a condescending and intolerable social media influencer boss named Pipa. Following a break-up with her boyfriend, Leo, she focuses her time and energy on her career. Sadly, her career is not moving forward at all because of Pipa's attitude. 

Raquel offers to help her look for a new job, but Maca later learns that Racquel is dating Leo. In the past. Leo and Maca were about to move in together. However, Leo suddenly left, leaving Maca hanging and heartbroken. 

Maca is not the only one facing relationship woes. Her friends Adriana and Jimena are also dealing with romantic problems. Adriana is stuck in an unsatisfying marriage. While Jimena is having a hard time moving on from her deceased boyfriend, Santi.

When Leo apologized to Maca, the latter could not help but fall in love with him again. She began to see his mature side and decided to give him another chance. Maca managed to get a new job offer, thanks to Racquel's connections. 

Unfortunately, the new job is in Paris. So, Maca must decide whether to be with Leo in Madrid or fly to Paris and chase her career aspirations. 

'Sounds Like Love'

'Sounds Like Love' Ending Explained: Did Maca Choose Leo?

Leo and Maca's relationship finally started getting better than ever, but for Maca, the job offer was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. During the movie climax, Leo brings Maca to the house they were supposed to move in together. However, Maca finally decides to choose a career over love. She took the job in Paris and left Leo broken-hearted. 

Her decision turned out for the better. Before the film ends, we see Maca living her life to the fullest as a successful career woman in Paris. We see her kissing Leo too, who seemingly followed her to Paris. 

But don't get fooled, because Maca and Leo are most likely not getting back together anymore. 

Going back to the scene at the apartment a few years back, Maca begged Leo to tell her that he is moving to Boston. This scene is vital because in the present it is now Maca who is facing the same dilemma. Maca now understands what Leo has been through, and she makes peace with her past. 

Although she tells Leo that he is welcome to come with her to Paris, Leo can't leave his job. 

Maca chooses to follow her dreams instead of staying with Leo. We saw Maca running from right to left on our screens whenever she felt overwhelmed in the previous scenes. After deciding, Maca finally runs from left to right on our screen, signifying liberation and a positive change in her character. Bringing Maca and Leo back together will only undo her character growth. 

Maca likes to imagine moments. So her kiss with Leo in Paris is just a product of her imagination. 

'Sounds Like Love'

What Happens To Adriana and Julian? Did Jimena Found A New Love?

In a video message, Maca informed Adriana and Jimena about her decision to move to Paris. Her heartwarming message inspired the two to make similar brave decisions and take control of their lives, too. 

Adriana fell in love with a girl, but she still tried to save her marriage. In the end, Adriana decided it's time to follow her heart. She packed her bags and went to her girlfriend's house.

Meanwhile, Jimena found out about Jorge's lies. He is an actor hired by her friends to pretend to be a reincarnation of Santi. Jimena realizes that she only likes him because he reminds him of Santi. She decides to go back and fix things up with Samuel, the psychotherapist she has been dating before Jorge arrived in her life. 

In the end, the three friends had a fresh start in life. Maca is thriving in her career, Adriana finds new love, and Jimena finally lets go of Santi's memories.

The film tells us that it is never too late to choose happiness. We just need to make a brave decision to love ourselves first, and everything will fall into place. 

'Sounds Like Love' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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