Sophia Di Martino: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Loki' Star

Sophia Di Martino: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Loki' Star

Sophia Di Martino had no idea that she was auditioning for Lady Loki's role. Here are some interesting facts about the actress.

We have nothing but pure admiration for Sophia Di Martino's performance as Sylvie/Lady Loki in Marvel and Disney+ live-action series, 'Loki'.

The 37-year-old actress may be a newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she is not a rookie in the acting world. It seems like the universe has conspired to let Sophie play Sylvie's role, and her performance has proven that her casting for such a pivotal role in the MCU was a perfect decision.

Let's get to know Sophia Di Martino even better. Here are 10 interesting facts you probably didn't know about the actress.

1. Sophia Didn't Know She Was Auditioning For 'Loki' 

Sophia Di Martino

Sophia had no clue that she was auditioning for Marvel's 'Loki'. She already knew that it will be directed by Kate Herron, but at that time, she had no idea what exactly the director was working on. She only submitted an audition tape.

"The scene I was sent was a very short scene, two people on a train, having a conversation and their names, I believe were Bob and Sarah. It was all like fake names, so I didn't have a clue what I was doing," Sophia told Entertainment Weekly.

2. Sophia Was Pregnant With Her First Child When She Auditioned For 'Loki'

Sophia Di Martino

Sophia managed to snatch the role even while pregnant. She told Hollywood Reporter that she only submitted one audition tape for the role. She did not have an in-person audition and there were no screen tests. Everyone was simply convinced that she is the perfect choice.

"You never get a job of this size off a tape, usually. My agent couldn’t believe it."

She was 9 months pregnant when she found out that she was cast to play the role 

3. Sophia Has Recently Given Birth While Filming Loki

Costume designer Christine Wada had to modify her costume to make it easier for her to breastfeed. Sophia greatly appreciates the gesture. She wrote on Instagram: "It’s little (big) things like this that made it possible for me to do my job AND be a parent."


4. Sophia's Fighting Style Is Inspired From Charlize Theron's 'Atomic Blonde'

In an interview with CNet, Sophia revealed that they watched Atomic Blonde for stunt references. Sophia described Theron as "super-strong and fights like a man," adding:

"We wanted Sylvie to be a brawler; we didn't want her to be too elegant in the way she fights because that's Loki's thing. He's so balletic in the way that he moves, but Sylvie is more of a street fighter."

5. Sophia's Audition Piece Turned Out To Be The Dramatic Train Conversation Between Sylvie and Loki


"There was a very short scene between two people — Bob and Sara — on a tr.n.. It ended being the train scene between Loki and Sylvie. I had no idea what I was auditioning for," Sophia told Entertainment Tonight.

The iconic conversation happened in the third episode of the series. The train scene confirms that Loki is bisexual. 

6. Sophia Is Also A Writer And A Director

Sophia Di Martino

Sophia is keen on exploring the other aspects of the film and television industry. Aside from acting, she is also a writer and director. She made her debut as a writer and director with a short film called 'Scrubber' in 2020. She has also created another short film called 'The Lost Films of Bloody Nora'.

7. Sophia Used To Force Her Sister To Do Plays In The Living Room When They Were Young

Sophia Di Martino

Sophia told Variety that she was among those "annoying kids" who always tries to get her sister to do plays with her in the living room. She always cast herself for better roles and have her sister play a Cinderella-like character. 

"I think it was just an excuse to boss her around," she said laughing, adding that she used to be one of those "really bossy kids". Sophia has always enjoyed acting at school but kept the ambition mostly to herself thinking that her parents might just laugh. Nonetheless, she still found her way to do what her heart truly desires.

8. Sophia and Loki Director Kate Herron Previously Worked Together On A Horror-Comedy Short Film Called 'Smear'.

Sophia played a woman who is about to go on her first pap smear. 

9. Sophia Is In A Long Term Relationship With Japanese-English Actor, Writer, and Director Will Sharpe

Sophia Di Martino

Sophia and Will Sharpe both thrive in the film and television industry. They have collaborated on a few projects, such as Channel 4's 'Flowers'. The show is written and directed by Will Sharpe, and the two played central roles. Sophia and Will welcomed their first child in 2019. 

10. Quick Facts About Sophia

Sophia Di Martino is born on 15 November 1983 in Nottingham, England. She graduated with a BA with honors in media and performance at The University of Salford. Her first acting role was in 2004 British Medical Drama Holby City, where she played Gemma Walker.


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