Sonic The Hedgehog’s Movie Design To Be Changed After Fan Backlash

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Movie Design To Be Changed After Fan Backlash

SEGA and Paramount Pictures released the trailer for the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie last week and was met with fan outrage.

The release of the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer last week spelt disaster for Paramount Pictures and the blue blur’s silver screen debut. The internet has been in revolt with the trailer having 26 million views 331K like and whopping 581K dislikes at the time of writing. The main source of the horror was Sonic’s realistic, almost human-like design.

Social Media Reactions to Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer



The screams of the masses were so loud that Sonic The Hedgehog’s director, Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to reassure fans that they had been heard loud and clear amiss the memes and twitters rants. He confirmed that they would be redesigning the movie in time for the November 8 release date, in a frankly unprecedented move by the studio. Admittedly, the quality of the film will not be improved but it seems like the studio thinks it's a small price to pay compared to kids having Sonic related nightmares in the days and weeks after viewing the movie.

What Will the Sonic The Hedgehog Resign Look Like?

Well, the studio gave no hints as to what the redesign will look like but we’re guessing that they will take inspiration from the fan redesigns that exploded on Twitter. These designs gave Sonic a more cartoon-like finish akin to the video game version of the beloved hedgehog.


One of the more popular redesigns was done by [email protected] on Twitter who said that ‘Simple little changes would have made a big difference. It's not perfect but I tried to make Sonic more like himself.’


So maybe the team tasked with the overhaul of the live action movie meant to be released in November may have less work than we think? Is a fan wish list of bigger eyes, shorter build, less human-like teeth that hard of an ask? I guess we will know at the November 8th release for Sonic The Hedgehog.


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