Sonic The Hedgehog Thursday Night Box Office Earnings Is Even Worse Than Birds Of Prey

Sonic The Hedgehog Thursday Night Box Office Earnings Is Even Worse Than Birds Of Prey

The box office of Sonic The Hedgehog is shaping up to be worst than Birds Of Prey

The year has barely started yet and Hollywood is already losing lots of money. First, it was Robert Downey Jr.'s Dolittle, then The Rhythm Section, and now potentially Birds Of Prey and Sonic The Hedgehog. Birds Of Prey scored the worst opening weekend of a debut film in the DC Universe in a decade. After the flop, many of the few Birds Of Prey fans tried to use social media to sabotage the male-centric Sonic The Hedgehog. And it seems to have worked.

According to Thursday night's Box Office figures Sonic The Hedgehog grossed $3 million. This is $1 million shy of the $4 million made by Birds Of Prey last weekend. Sonic The Hedgehog is still on track to gross $40-$50 million during the long President's day weekend. 

Sonic The Hedgehog

These Thursday night figures, however, does not mean that Sonic The Hedgehog will gross less in its opening weekend than Birds Of Prey. One must consider that Sonic The Hedgehog is a family-friendly film and will most definitely perform best during days that school is out. So we can probably expect Sonic to outperform Birds Of Prey during the weekend.

So Sonic The Hedgehog may not join the list of the failed 2020 films. And with a gross of $40-$50 million over the weekend the film could easily make a profit especially due to its low production costs. According to reports, the film cost Paramount Pictures $85 million to make.

Whether or not the toxic fanbase of the Birds Of Prey film won out and successfully sabotaged Sonic The Hedgehog is still up for debate. Let's wait until the end of this long weekend!

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