Someone Has Calculated How Much Money Owen Wilson Has Made Just From Saying 'Wow', And It's Mind-Boggling

Owen Wilson's iconic 'wow' has earned him an astonishing amount of money.

Owen Wilson Wow

Owen Wilson is not just any actor; he's a versatile performer known for his comedic prowess and occasional forays into more serious acting roles. Additionally, he's the man behind the legendary 'wow' that has become a staple in internet memes and pop culture. In a world where the cost of living is constantly on the rise, the news of someone earning a colossal amount each time they utter a single word might raise eyebrows. However, when you consider the iconic nature of Wilson's 'wow,' it becomes evident why he commands such substantial paychecks. The question that lingers is this: just how much money has each 'wow' earned this 54-year-old actor?

Owen Wilson's 'Wow' Factor: Crunching the Numbers


In 2019, a curious individual took it upon themselves to dive deep into the data and calculate Owen Wilson's earnings based on his use of the word 'wow.' The results are nothing short of astonishing. At that time, Wilson had appeared in 47 movies and had spoken an average of 3,500 words in each of those films. His career earnings had reached a staggering $217,838,000.

Within those 47 movies, Wilson had uttered 'wow' a remarkable 102 times. When you do the math and arrange the figures in the right order, you'll find that each 'wow' was worth about $1,324. In total, his catchphrase earned him an impressive $135,072.

While some might argue that it's a substantial amount for a single word, there's no denying that Owen Wilson has a unique talent for delivering the word 'wow' with a special kind of enthusiasm. Some might say, "It's a good 'wow'."

But let's not forget the dedication required to figure this all out. Someone, at some point, had to embark on a cinematic journey, watching all of Owen Wilson's movies and meticulously recording the number of times he said 'wow.' It's a task that highlights the devotion of fans and the internet's penchant for dissecting every aspect of pop culture.

The Legacy of Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson's 'wow' has left a mark on the entertainment world. Fans, in response to this revelation, couldn't help but chime in with their own 'wows.' Some declared, "Owen Wilson owned the 2000s," even though his influence extends well beyond that decade. And there's still a legion of fans who are surprised to learn that he's the brother of fellow actor Luke Wilson, despite their striking resemblance.

In one of his recent movies, "Paint," Owen Wilson played a character reminiscent of the beloved Bob Ross, although his character was named Carl Nargle. While we can't confirm whether he says 'wow' in the film, it's clear that he's still earning that 'wow' money, and he's undoubtedly earned every penny.