'Slasher Season 4': Netflix Release Date And Renewal Update

'Slasher Season 4': Netflix Release Date And Renewal Update

The third season is called 'Solstice' which is considered to be the best so far, as it has a good amount of mystery and horror for the fans. But will we get a fourth season?

People are talking about 'Slasher' a lot these days. Especially, after season 3 of the anthology series has premiered. Now, fans really want to dive into the dark horror mysteries of the show and would really want to know whether to expect another installment or not on Netflix. The streaming giant has had its own success in the horror genre that includes 'American Horror Story' and 'The Haunting of Hill House' who's new season is due this year. 

What Is 'Slasher' All About?


It is an anthology horror series which first appeared on Super Channel and has gone under ever since. However, the show was soon picked up by Netflix after season 2, and it released two series under its full Netflix Original banner. The show is filmed in Canada and shows a series of different killers at the start of each season with returning cast members playing different roles. 

The show makes sure to end its story with every season. In just eight episodes, the show creates a murder mystery with a murderer continuing his/her killing spree. Each season has its own title which helps fans to get an idea about what to expect. 

What Happened In The Past Seasons?

Starting with Season 1, which was titled 'The Executioner', not just gives apprehensions about the murderer, the title also hints the use of religious themes in the show. The story starts with character Sarah who returns with her family to her hometown. She moves into the same house where her parents were murdered. Her return is when the series of murders started happening. The M.O. is the same as how her parents were killed. Using the help of the man who murdered her parents and other people all those years ago, Sarah decides to uncover the identity of the new Executioner, who judges people based on the type of sin they have committed. Those sins are based on the famous seven sins of all time. 


The second season is titled as 'Guilty Party' that is somewhat similar to 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. The second season shows a group of camp councilors attending a summer camp five years ago. It was those years back when they had murdered someone and buried their body in the campsite. However, they come back to get the body back but fail to find it anywhere. What changes for worse in the series is the fact that one by one someone was killing them. 


The third season is called 'Solstice' which is considered to be the best so far, as it has a good amount of mystery and horror for the fans. It has a druid at its center. He is after a group of people and hunts them down by killing each and every one of them for their crimes one by one. The sin that they committed was doing nothing when a murder was taking place in front of them, as they were coward and didn't have the guts to take a stand or help the victim.

Will There Be 'Slasher' Season 4 On Netflix?

Fans had to wait for two years for season 3 to come after season 2, with the third installment getting its renewal last August only. If the series possibly follows the similar renewal delay like last time, then we won't be hearing about season 4 until 2020.


Also, the shows creator, Aaron Martin has his hands busy with another show for Netflix, a sci-fi teen drama that is most likely to air on Netflix later in 2019. Season 3 recently released in most regions on May 23, 2019, however, it did not release in countries like the United Kingdom, where there are only two seasons streaming. 


When Will 'Slasher' Season 4 Be Available On Netflix?

We can only speculate right now but if Netflix sticks to the same releasing schedule as they did with season 3 then we expect a 2021 release. The show in itself is too popular for Netflix to throw it away. I just don't see it happening. 

In terms of the plot of season 4, we really can't go on to speculate as every season is refreshed.

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