‘Sister Wives’ Star And Second Of Kody's Four Wives, Janelle Brown, Tells Husband To ‘F–k Off’

‘Sister Wives’ Star And Second Of Kody's Four Wives, Janelle Brown, Tells Husband To ‘F–k Off’

Janelle chose to spend Thanksgiving in Utah with her kids instead of in Arizona with Kody.

This season of TLC's show Sister Wives saw Janelle and Kody Brown clash over safety rules ahead of the holidays. Janelle and Kody, both 52, are in a polygamous marriage arrangement with Christine, 49, Meri, 50, and Robyn, 43. According to PEOPLE, Janelle is Kody's second wife. Kody and his wives each live in separate but nearby houses with their own children. In a recent episode, Kody expected his wives and children to abide by his safety guidelines which Janelle thought was too restrictive. The patriarch told his wives ahead of Thanksgiving, "No guilt trip, just a little prick to your conscience and you guys decide what you do."


Janelle wasn't too pleased with her partner for guilt-tripping her about going to Utah for the holiday instead of staying in Arizona with him and his first and fourth wives, Meri and Robyn. She argued the couple's adult sons, Garrison and Gabriel, should be able to maintain their social lives while living in her household, but Kody disagreed for COVID-19 safety reasons. He explained that the parents had "an obligation to a very large amount of people" to keep the family running smoothly and safely. "I’ve told you this so that you can share it with your children so that they can understand the perspective instead of making phone calls to me, telling me, 'Dad. Hey, your rules are taking a toll on our family.'" Both Gabriel and Garrison refused to spend Thanksgiving with Kody. "You don’t think I’m aware? You don’t think I’m being careful?" Janelle asked Kody. "I think you understand the big picture that I have and I want you to just respect that, ok?" the patriarch replied. While walking away, Janelle told Kody to "F— off."


Insider reports that Janelle called Kody "condescending" but he claimed that he's put rules in place so that one of his children didn't "die." The father specifically mentioned his 11-year-old daughter, Truley, who was previously hospitalized with kidney failure. The couple has six children together: Logan (27), Maddie (25), Hunter (24), Garrison (22), Gabe (20), and Savannah (16). "He acts like I'm not doing anything," Janelle said in a solo interview during the episode. "I wear a mask, I social distance, I sanitize my hands. I do all the things that the CDC says to do, but because I don't follow all of his 10 commandments, his rules, I'm not following any rules apparently." 


Some of Kody's so-called "commandments" include leaving mail outside for a day before bringing it in and disinfecting it. He also told the family to change clothes immediately when they come home from going out for essential items and to disinfect all groceries when they get home from shopping. 

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 

TV personalities Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown speak duinrg the "Sister Wives" panel during the Discovery Communications portion of the 2010 Summer TCA pres tour held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 6, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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