'Shrek 5': Here's Everything We Know So Far About It

'Shrek 5': Here's Everything We Know So Far About It

The movie will be relatable in many instances and fans are going to enjoy it. The fifth installment is the most awaited one so far!

It was in 2010 when fans last saw the green ogre on screen, and fans believe that they deserve more of him. The air was cleared a bit when six years ago fans heard about the fifth installment. Shrek 5 is believed to be a game changer but fans haven't heard much of it in the recent time. The franchise came under the light when NBC Universal Chief, Steve Burke announced in  2016 that they are planning to bring a new life to the franchise as the company has acquired DreamWorks Animations.

After which, people had their expectations high for 'Shrek 5' and fans want to know how are they planning to make the last one different from all the previous installments. According to Burke, Chris Meledandri will be responsible for all the animated movies, the one who has produced big blockbuster animated movies like 'Despicable Me' and 'Minions'. Burke believes that Meledandri will be able to resurrect Shrek as well as other DreamWorks franchise, as the goal they are targetting is to increase their revenue by launching and making popular characters.

When Can We See 'Shrek 5'?


Right now, the dates aren't confirmed but hopefully, the movie would likely release this 2019. The first movie was released in 2001 followed by 2004, 2007 and the last one in 2010. Reportedly, 'Shrek 5' is confirmed and is believed to have started with the production. The reboot is reportedly been produced under the new management of Comcast-NBC Universal, and the fifth installment will be the first animated film that the management will be releasing. 

According to Collider, there are some new additions in the writers' team for fresh ideas for the fifth sequel. 'Austin Powers' writer Michael McCullers is also believed to be added to the production team as he will be handling the screenplay and story. Mike Mitchell, who is also one of the directors in 'Shrek 2' has his strong faith in McCullers and is positive about the movie turning out to be good. “He came up with a really great idea that they’re exploring,” the director shared. “With this detail, the viewers will see a different story that may be filled with twists and other explosive plots.”

Who All Will Be There In 'Shrek 5'?

The cast of 'Shrek 5' will include Eddie Murphy who will be coming back as Donkey. Other characters who are expected to return may include Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers. There is no other confirmation about the rest of the cast members. 

What Will Be The Story Of 'Shrek 5'?


Going with the NBC Universal revelation, the storyline of 'Shrek 5' will go well with today's youth. The movie will be relatable in many instances and fans are going to enjoy it. On the other hand, the world might be aware of Shrek's face, but they are not aware of his origin, therefore, it is believed that the fifth installment might include some information as to why Shrek ended up living in his swamp, or what is his true origin. There is no doubt about the fact that Shrek's origin anonymity has left fans curious for many years, so they would be thrilled to know his inception. Apart from that, the speculations tell that the main lead male character could be gay. Again, these are just speculations and one can call any information a credible one only after an official announcement is made. Till then, fans will have to stay calm and wait for more information to come out very soon. 

Are Fans Really Waiting For The Fifth Installment? 

Looks like, they are waiting for the giant head to pop out soon on TV again!














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