Disney+'s 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Season 1 Ending Explained: Where are the X-Men?

After an explosive season with some serious fourth wall-breakages it has been an interesting journey following Jennifer Walters

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This season, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law really showed us what it is like when fourth wall breakages become explosive enough to become meta. The last episode was the icing on the wonderful cake. Although there was some controversial response to the finale, most people really seemed to enjoy the episode. Even though, it meant that the plot essentially came apart like badly constructed papier mache. Here is a minor breakdown of what happened in the last episode.


The Inhibitor

Like Emil Blonsky (aka Abomination), Jennifer Walters was also put under the inhibitor, and warned against turning into the She-Hulk. If memory serves, in the last episode we saw our protagonist lose her shit (as she should) when everything about her personal life was leaked at the Gala she was supposed to receive an award. In understandable anger, Jennifer brings down the screens in the convention hall and storms out of the room in a murderous rage. She was finally calmed down and taken to a high-security prison, where she was given a deal. The terms entailed that she couldn't turn into the She-Hulk and was released immediately from captivity. 


Blonsky's Ashram

Emil Blonsky had told Jen that she could come to the property anytime. Taking him up on that offer, Jennifer makes her way to meet Blonsky so she could process the struggles with identity and finally come to terms with being Jennifer and She-Hulk simultaneously. As she gets there, she realizes that Blonsky was not there and was talking to another one of the residents from their group therapy in one of the previous episodes. In the time that she is making her way to Blonsky, we see Nikki and Pug go on an undercover mission to find out who HulkKing is. Nikki used one of Jennifer's old college videos to get an in with the private event that coincidentally was taking place in a lot at Blonsky's property.

Lo and behold, Jen walks in right at the moment when the Abomination was starting to make a statement about reaching your potential and being your best self. It is at this point that the situation escalates. Nikki barges in telling Jennifer about Todd (the She-Hulk fetish dude) and how he created the site Intelligenicia. Todd injects himself with a version of the Hulk serum, Titania barges in from nowhere, and Hulk comes in jumping through the roof to save Jen's life to start fighting with Abomination. Jen speaks into the camera and comments that the plot is essentially falling apart. 


The Real Metaverse

Jen points that out and the video exits to the Disney+ Marvel menu, after which we see Jen essentially break the menu and launch herself into Marvel Studios Assembled. We then see her chatting with the writers of the show who notify her that they have no choice but to move forward with this plot. If she had any issues, she would have to go talk to K.E.V.I.N. Which is exactly what Jen does, making her way through tight security and coming face to face with K.E.V.I.N. Here is where she obliterates the AI K.E.V.I.N's plan for her ending and instead proposes something completely different. She talks about how all the Marvel projects essentially end the same way and talks about how all the shows don't have to end with a lot of plot and flash thrown in. 

And after a bunch of easter eggs (X-Men, where was Bruce Banner and whom/what did he bring), we see Jen take her leave from the studio and comes to find that things have corrected themselves according to her choice. Matt Murdock comes in a little late but early enough for Jennifer and the viewers to enjoy their banter. The episode ends with Bruce bringing his son Skaar back from Sakaar, a twist many saw coming but was gratifying nonetheless. 


What Comes Next For Jennifer Walters?

We see our protagonist win the case against Todd for invading her privacy and essentially sends a message to anyone who wants to mess with her. It is quite possible that after this domestic ending for the characters, we'll see her come in quite comfortable to the films. With Daredevil along with her, it might be possible that we see the duo in another adventure soon. 

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