'Sex/Life': Everything We Know So Far

'Sex/Life': Everything We Know So Far

The life of a housewife and mother of two turns upside down after her husband finds her journal detailing her past erotic and adventurous escapades with an ex-lover. 'Sex/Life' arrives on Netflix in June.

There's an upcoming show on Netflix, and boy- it's going to be hot.

'Sex/Life' is a new raunchy drama and comedy series featuring an unlikely love triangle between a housewife, her husband, and her steamy past.

The series is based on the memoir '4 Chapters About 4 Men' by B. B. Easton. Easton is a school psychologist-turned-author. Her memoir was met with a positive reception and outstanding reviews when it was published in 2016.

The eight-episodes Netflix adaptation is developed by Stacy Rukeyser, the award-winning writer/producer of Emmy Award-nominated and Critics' Choice Award-winning drama, UnREAL.

With predominantly female writers and department heads, expect the show to navigate women's desires from the female perspective.

Here's all you need to know. 

Sex/Life- Netflix

What Is The Plot Of 'Sex/Life'?

'Sex/Life' follows Billie, a suburban wife, and mother who has a steamy and free-spirited past.

Billie is married to a kind and responsible husband named Copper. They have two beautiful children, and they lived a conventionally happy family life in Connecticut. However, before she was a plain regular housewife, Billie was a wild child. She used to live in the bustling city of New York with her best friend Sasha, working hard and playing even harder. 

Amid her mundane plain ole housewife routine, Billie starts reminiscing of her exciting past filled with erotic encounters with her ex, Brad, who broke her heart.

The nostalgia hit her so hard she began writing the stories in a journal. But her private fantasies won't remain hidden for long as her husband discovers her journal. Worse, Brad suddenly found his way back to Billie's life! Will this be a start of a sexual revolution between the husband and wife? Or will this be the beginning of an end to their marriage? Will she reconnect or resolve the past that constantly haunts her present fantasies? We will have to wait until the show drops to get our answers.

"She'd become a version of herself that is marriage-worthy, and that's a problem," Stacy Rukeyser told Entertainment Weekly about Billie. 

"In hiding a big part of herself from (her husband) Cooper and hiding her desire (...), she's created a problem for herself. She did get the guy, but at what cost? The cost is denying a part of herself, and it's been lying dormant for a while, and it needs to be honored and celebrated and tended to because it's a real part of her."

Expect the show to spark some serious conversations on female sexuality. 

Sex/Life- Netflix

When Will 'Sex/Life' Release?

'Sex/Life' is coming to Netflix on Friday, 25 June 2021.

The show was first announced on 19 August 2019. Filming was supposed to begin in Spring 2020 but got delayed to 31 August 2020 due to the pandemic.

Filming wrapped up on 9 December 2020.

Sex/Life- Netflix

Who Is Cast In 'Sex/Life'?

Sarah Shahi stars as Billie, the housewife who writes a journal reminiscing of her past passionate life with her ex.

You've seen Shahi in 'The L Word' in which she played Carmen from 2005-2009.

Mike Vogel stars as Billie's reliable and kind-hearted husband, Cooper.

Adam Demos plays Billie's dreamy ex-boyfriend Brad.

Lastly, Margaret Odette stars as Sasha Snow, Billie's best friend. 

Is there an official trailer for 'Sex/Life'?

There is no official trailer yet as of this writing, but it should be here very soon. Netflix often drops trailers at least a month before a show releases, which means it's a bit late already since the show is set to come out on June 25. We will update this space once the official trailer is available.

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