'Sex Education' Season 3: Ending Explained

'Sex Education' Season 3: Ending Explained

The third season of 'Sex Education' left us with plenty of heartbreaks and questions. Check out what happened here.

Netflix dropped 'Sex Education' Season 3 a few days ago, and it was indeed rejuvenating and captivating, as usual.

We finally got our answers to the cliffhangers from season 2, but the new season also left us with just as many questions. Most of the storylines from the third season get left up in the air. 

Thankfully, a fourth season is already confirmed so we are confident that we shall get our answers in the future. 

In season 3, Maeve and Otis get a new roadblock in their relationship. Moordale is closing down, and Eric and Adam break up. Jean finally gave birth, but the baby's DNA result seems to bear the bad news to her relationship with Jakob.

Let's discuss all the events that led to the cliffhangers for this season.

Here is everything that happened in 'Sex Education' Season 3. 

Otis and Maeve

Did Otis & Maeve Finally End Up Together? 

The final episode of the second season left us all extremely distraught. Isaac deleted the voicemail from Otis, which also served as his confession for his feelings towards Maeve.

In season 3, Isaac eventually comes clean and told Maeve about what he did. The confession led to Maeve and Otis getting back together. But just as when the two finally reinstated their relationship, a new opportunity knocks on Maeve's door.

She got accepted into a writing program in New York City. Maeve contemplates dropping the opportunity to be with Otis. However, letting go of a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the sake of a guy does not sound like a great idea- even if that guy is Otis.

After talking with Aimee, Maeve decides she should choose the opportunity over Otis. She will go to America to pursue writing for a few months.

When Otis asks Maeve if this is goodbye, she answers, "No, it's see you soon..."

Although the choice puts another roadblock in their relationship, we are confident that team Otis and Maeve is not over yet.

Adam and Eric

Why Did Eric & Adam Break-Up?

Maeve and Otis are not the only couples who are having a tough time. Eric and Adam shared an equally heart-clenching narrative this season.

Through the seasons, Adam has come a long way from being a bully. He has now evolved into someone who can finally embrace his identity and sexuality. That's thanks to Eric, who helped him break out of the closet.

But after going on a family trip to Nigeria, Eric realizes his relationship with Adam will not work out. Eric has always been confident in who he is, while Adam is just getting comfortable with his sexuality.

While in Nigeria, Eric kissed another guy. He was honest enough to tell Adam about what he did, and at first, it looked like the two could work past the incident.

However, the incident made Eric realize how much his relationship with Adam holds him back from expressing who he truly is. Eric loves Adam so much, but Adam is still in the stages of trying to figure out who he truly was, while Eric has been there for a while.

"I just feel like I'm ready to fly, and you're just learning to walk. And I've worked really hard to find myself and I'm beginning to lose who I am," Eric told Adam during a heart-wrenching break-up scene.


Are Jean And Jakob Breaking Up, Too?

Otis' mother, Jean, finally gave birth in season 3. For a moment, we thought we are going to lose her when she suffers a hemorrhage after giving birth.

Thankfully, she survived, giving Otis a chance to apologize to his mom for kinda giving her a hard time with his somewhat bratty attitude.

Jean and Jakob's relationship has not been so good in the past seasons. We thought that the birth of baby Joy would finally bring them back together for good. However, the results of the DNA test arrive. Judging by Jean's reaction, the results seem to indicate that Jakob's intuition is right. He is not the father of Jean's child.

We still do not know who baby Joy's biological father is. However, her arrival will most likely put more strain on Jean and Jakob's relationship.

Cal and Jackson

What Happens To Cal and Jackson?

There seems to be a bright future waiting for Cal and Jackson's relationship at the onset of season 3.

Cal is a new character introduced in season 3. A non-binary student, Cal had to face Headmistress Hope's antiquated and exclusionary rules about school uniforms and sex ed class.

Cal and Jackson's chemistry is apparent throughout the season. Jackson supports Cal with their identity and encourages them to be themself.

The two shared a kiss and a few intimate moments. However, when they finally discussed what would happen if they should become more than friends, the two decided it is best not to go further.

Cal said they don't want Jackson to see them as a "girl". Despite the apparent setback, Jackson made it clear that he is still like Cal.

Ola and Lily

What Happens To Ola & Lily?

Among all the couples, Ola and Lily seemed to be the most stable duo throughout season 3.

The two had their ups and downs, too, with Ola feeling that Lily is neglecting her. Although Ola has started coming to terms with Lily's love for Aliens, Ola still thinks that having alien sex is weird.

Despite their problems, the two manage to get past their misunderstandings. The couple will likely have more things to discuss in the future, but they have grown more mature. They are prepared to apologize to each other. That is something that can make their relationship work in the long run.

What's Next For Moordale?

Following the student protest led by Vivienne and Jackson, the investors decided to pull the funding for Moordale. That means that the school will be closing its doors and the students must find a new school to finish their studies.

It's inspiring to see the students fighting for what they believe in. They stood up to challenge Hope and her outdated ways of managing the school. However, it's unfortunate to think that their actions will possibly separate them in the next term, once they go to different schools.

There are two options left for Moordale for the next season. Either they stop operating, or they find a new investor to continue running. 

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