'Seikon No Qwaser' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Will one of Japan's weirdest animes ever return for season 3?

'Seikon No Qwaser'

Fan service animes may seem taboo to others, but it is still among the most popular genres. 'Seikon No Qwaser,' also known as 'The Qwaser of Stigmata' is among the most successful fan service animes in the last decade. The anime is notable and controversial for its violence, sexual innuendos, and an overwhelming amount of boobs in its plot. It's probably one of the weirdest anime you will ever watch, but its weirdness is among its selling point. The second season of the anime ended in 2011. Fans thought that a third season was on the way. Is it still happening? Continue reading to find out.

'Seikon No Qwaser' Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The first season of 'Seikon No Qwaser' premiered on January 10, 2010. It has a total of 24 episodes and ended on June 20, 2010. After season 1, season 2 aired from April 12, 2011, to June 28, 2011. Season 2 has 12 episodes, and after finishing it, fans believed that a third season was possible. However, there are still no official statements or updates. But it seems as though Seikon No Qwaser has been canceled as no information of a new season was released after all these years. The anime was likely canceled.

'Seikon No Qwaser' was doing well, attracting millions of fans in Japan and outside. The probability of a new season was very high at the time. The manga itself was still being released in Japan after the series ended. The last season ended with a cliffhanger. Many fans were positive that the series would get renewed for season 3. However, it has been twelve years now since the second season concluded. We never heard of any update about its renewal. There's still a little hope for a season 3. But I would not personally recommend to any of you guys to wait because that probability is very stunted now. We will update you as soon as there is an official statement from the creators.

'Seikon No Qwaser'

'Seikon No Qwaser' Plot

"Seikon no Qwaser," also known as "The Qwaser of Stigmata," is a story about a series of murders that have taken place in the St. Mihailov Academy. All the victims of these murders were teenage women. The fans are left confused about who the killer is and who will be their next victim. The story follows the lives of two adopted sisters, Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, who are constantly bullied and harassed at school. One day, they find a wounded man who they take home to help heal. Later that same night, Mafuyu becomes the next victim of the serial killer, but instead of killing her, the killer asks for an icon that belongs to Tomo Yamanobe's father. The injured man, whose name is Sasha, suddenly regains consciousness and saves Mafuyu from the serial killer. Sasha reveals that he is a Qwaser who can manipulate iron and create a giant scythe to assassinate the serial killer. To do this, he must drink SOMA, an element that is derived from breast milk (we know, it's weird). Later, Sasha comes to school with the girls who saved him, making things even more interesting.

'Seikon No Qwaser' Characters:

Tomo Yamanobe

Tomo Yamanobe is the last dean of St. Mihailov. She is one of Mafuyu Oribe's closest friends and also her roommate. Tomo is the exact opposite of her best friend. She is seen as very naive and childish and physically weak.

Mafuyu Oribe

Mafuyu Oribe is the adopted daughter of the previous dean of St. Mukhailov's Academy. She loves to protect her frail sister Tomo Yamanobe and likes to carry her wooden sword with her at all times. Mafuyu and her sister were constantly bullied at school but have endured it. However, when Sasha came into their lives, all have dramatically changed.

Ekaterina Kurae

Ekaterina Nikolaevna Kraeva or also called "Katja", is young but is also feared. Katja is a young Russian Qwaser who supervises the element 'copper'. Miyuri Tsujido longed for a foreign friend and thus Katja was sent to the St. Mihailov Academy. They compete with the three membered-squad Tomo Yamanobe, Mafuyu Oribe, and Sasha.

Hana Katsuragi

Hana Katsuragi is a student of class 1-A who ironically acts as a discipliner in their class. However, even with her trying hard to be a saint. She is the main mastermind of the bullying that Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe suffered every single day. Katsuragi likes to throw the garbage can on them or force them to fill it after tripping on it and a lot more a bully in school would do.

Alexander Nikolaevich Hell

Alexander Nikolaevich hell, also known as Sasha, was the injured man the two innocent girls, Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, encountered. Sasha is the main protagonist of the series and is also the Qwaser of Iron who currently lives with his saviors Mafuyu and Tomo.

Teresa Beria

Teresa appears to be a nun. She wears a long nun-like black gown and can endure pain without complaining. There were times when she was willing to risk her happiness to save her friends. She also appears to be quite introverted and socially awkward. Teresa is also a very talented marksman. She saved Hana from her chains with only a bow and an arrow.

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