‘Secret Headquarters’ Ending, Explained

‘Secret Headquarters’ Ending, Explained

Paramount+'s superhero movie starring Owen Wilson as its lead hero ties all loose ends in its third act. Here's Secret Headquarter's ending explained.

The film Secret Headquarters, which was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, tells the tale of a little kid named Charlie who has begun to notice fractures in his father's relationship. He missed the moments when they would go on picnics and enjoy one another's company. His father no longer had time for him and placed his work above anything else in life. He had no idea that his father had taken up the role of the masked vigilante, who had vowed to make this planet a better place to live.


Secret Headquarters Plot Synopsis:

Captain Sean Irons makes an attempt to pursue an alien ship when it emerges in the sky. Due to the crash that results from this, Jack, a regular guy who had been camping nearby with his family, arrives to assist. From the ship, an orb is let out, and Jack is chosen to be its protector. Ten years later, Jack has evolved into The Guard, a superhero. He has contributed greatly to the preservation of life and the establishment of peace, but his own life is in ruins. He hasn't had any time for his family because he has been so busy saving the planet. Now that his wife has filed for divorce, Charlie, his kid, despises him since he is an absentee parent.


Charlie asks his buddies to "throw a rager" at his father's house after Jack leaves once more on the pretext of a work necessity. Even though there are just three attendees, the celebration quickly turns fascinating when Charlie and his friends find Jack's man cave underneath. While Charlie struggles to comprehend the fact that the superhero he loves so much is actually his father, his friends explore the headquarters' impressive equipment. They begin using these items for amusement, but they are unaware that The Guard's adversaries are keeping tabs on the energy source. When the enemies knock on the kids' door, chaos ensues.


Ending Explained:

Jack gets involved to defend Charlie and his friends as well as the alien power source after Charlie, Berger (Keith L. Williams), Maya (To All The Boys' Momona Tamada), and Lizzie (Abby James Witherspoon) misuse the Guard's gadgets and put themselves in danger from Sean Irons and his benefactor Ansel Argon. The conclusion of Secret Headquarters is primarily focused on the ultimate battle between the Guard and Argon over the alien power source and Sean's conflicting loyalties after he eventually gains access to it and receives a vision that causes him to unexpectedly switch sides.


Another major turning point involves Charlie and Jack since, for the previous ten years, Jack has kept a significant portion of his life hidden from him. They might be having issues now that Charlie has learned about his covert base. Ultimately, this helped them get closer as father and son because they were fighting Argon and his minions, which improved their bond.

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