Sara Waisglass: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Ginny & Georgia's Maxine

Sara Waisglass: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Ginny & Georgia's Maxine

This young actress is ready to embrace whatever life throws at her. Find out who Sara Waisglass is behind the camera.

Before Sara Waisglass served us with some sass in 'Ginny & Georgia,' she was best known as privileged high schooler Frankie Hollingsworth in 'Degrassi: Next Class.' Sara is only 22 years old, but she actually has notable credits under her name.  The actress starred as Madison in 'October Faction' and Lyla in 'Holly Hobbie.

'Behind the camera, the young actress has lived an interesting life. She is multi-talented, not to mention hard working. Here are some exciting things you probably don't know about the actress.


1. She Relates Deeply With Her Character Max in The 'Ginny & Georgia'

Sara's openly teenage lesbian character Max in Netflix's 'Ginny & Georgia' has been a show-stealer. Sara was so natural in portraying the character it's sometimes easy to forget she's just acting. In an interview with Decider, Sara revealed that she and Max have a lot of similarities.

"Honestly, I feel like Max and I have a lot in common. I always kind of say, Max is me if I drank coffee and had no fear. But I don’t think I based her on anyone. I think she’s a once-in-a-lifetime character. I mean, she’s so unapologetic about who she is. She’s so brave, and she’s so open to love. I think that’s so beautiful, especially right now when I think anxiety is kind of an epidemic, like, she doesn’t have that, she’s just excited about life and I envy that in her. So she kind of just became her own thing. I mean, again, the writing speaks for itself. It’s so brilliantly written that it was just easy to build her up." 

2. She's Wants To Be A Screenwriter

Sara may have successfully earned our appreciation as an actress, but the young star wanted to become a screenwriter too.

"I do not have any solid plans writing-wise," she told Close-Up Culture in April 2018. "I just want to tell stories. Words have always moved me and now I want to move people with mine."

Sara likes to write "for fun most of the time," but she hopes to see something she's written get picked up into production. In a separate interview with Brieftake in 2018, Sara said she'd want to write a character-driven film "because there's really nothing more beautiful than human relationships and the natural narrative of life.


3. Her First Line in 'Ginny & Georgia' Is Her Favorite

Max has a lot of iconic moments in 'Ginny & Georgia', but the moment she stood up for Max on the first time they met in class is our total favorite. It turns out it was Sara's favorite line of the character too.

"I really love my first line. I say it in my head a lot. “Hi, yeah, I’m also super self-conscious about my subconscious. I just want the superiority of the white male perspective.” Anyways, I think that’s brilliant. But honestly, you can pick any piece of dialogue from this show and just know that’s gonna be a favorite. Like, it’s just so iconic. The whole damn thing is so iconic," she told Decider.

4. She Is Also Musically Talented

Sara grew up in a creative and multi-talented family. Her father plays the guitar, her sister is a singer, and her mother works in the creatives department in the film industry.

"Arts were all around me, so when I started acting I was never met with doubt or tension, which is such a gift," Sara told Yorkville Post in March 2020.

Hence, it's not surprising that aside from acting and writing, she also has other hidden talents. The actress has shared clips of herself playing numerous musical instruments.

Here's a video of her playing the piano. 


5. She's Open To Whatever Life Throws At Her

The young actress is currently enjoying every step of the journey instead of pressuring herself to come up with plans.

"The plan is to make the plan as I go," Sara said in an April 2018 interview with Close-Up Culture.

"As an actor, I have no idea what opportunities will come my way, and as a writer, I am still trying to find my voice. But as a human person, I know I have to keep working hard. So that is what I am going to do."

6. She Juggled University and Acting 

Sara juggled a blossoming acting career and being a full-time student at the university. She studied screenwriting at York University in Toronto, while starring in 'Degrassi: Next Class' and appearing in several other TV shows and movies, such as 'Killjoys', 'October Faction', 'Holly Hobbie', 'Suits', and 'Mary Goes Round', among others.

Sara revealed to Excalibur in February 2019 that the production team accommodated her university schedule and made sure she can take her exams.

"Schedules were made in advance and they tried their best to work around my exams,"

"I was working with my best friends everyday, so it really didn't feel like work at all!"

Albeit, appearing in shows while being a full-time student is not an easy task.

"It was a lot of responsibility, and I had to sacrifice a lot to ensure I got my school work done...However, everyone was wonderful and the experience was unforgettable!"

Sara finally graduated in 2020 and shared a heartwarming tweet in celebration of the milestone.

"Many people have tried to talk me out of graduating on time, saying it was utterly bonkers to balance my four-year degree with my career,"

"They were probably right. I cried a lot. Like, A LOT, a lot. But today I get to say I DID IT.


7.  You Can Get Personalized Birthday Greetings From Her Through Cameo

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8. She Has Published A Book of Her Poems

Sara has published her first poetry collection in September 2016, when she was only 18 years old. The Art of Breaking Glass includes 80 poems written by Sara as a teen.

"High school was so hard, and there were so many emotions . . . and it just felt like there was no closure,"

"And I'm big on closure; I need closure . . . I figured that the best way to end off high school, for me, was to tie it all together in a little book," Sara said in a vlog for the Degrassi channel.


9. Commercial Gigs Kick Started Her Acting Career

Sara's first professional job was landing a commercial gig for Kentucky Fried Chicken. She started doing commercials while she was still in elementary school. 

10. Sara Waisglass Quick Facts

She's born on July 3, 1998, in Toronto, Canada. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking. 

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