Romantic Movies On Netflix For November 2022

Romantic Movies On Netflix For November 2022

Here's a list of movies offered by the streamer, for you to indulge in this month.

Falling for Christmas | Netflix

With the holiday season approaching, Netflix is the destination to head to, if you are in the mood for some romantic movies that will perfectly complement the cup of hot chocolate in your hand. Here's a list of movies offered by the streamer, for you to indulge in this month.

So, whether you are into the genre of old classics like The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner or you are a Kdrama enthusiast, it doesn't really matter, we've got you covered! 

1. Falling for Christmas (2022)


This new romantic movie airs on November 10 and features Mean Girls star, Lindsey Lohan. The movie follows the story of a spoiled hotel heiress who gets into a skiing accident and winds up in the care of a lodge owner and his daughter as the days count down to Christmas. 

2. Holidate (2020)


An adorable romantic comedy that subtly talks about the familial and societal pressures that come with being single. Through an exciting journey, the film builds on the iconic and often cringe-worthy holiday movie tropes, allowing the two single strangers at the heart of the movie to find love and chemistry of course! If you're a hopeless romantic at heart this is the perfect pick for you!

3. Persuasion (2022)


Starring Dakota Johnson, this movie follows the story of a heartbroken girl who is presented with a second chance at true love. Based on the Jane Austin novel of the same name, the story is a classic romantic story set in the bygone era. The film is a treat for the eyes, set in gorgeous landscapes and director Carrie Cracknell delivers a grounded story intended to touch hearts!

4. Love & Gelato (2022)


Based on the best-selling novel by Jenna Evans Welch that goes by the same name is a gorgeous love story that will appeal to fans of Emily in Paris or just anyone who is looking for a no-brainer watch! The cinematography of the film is noteworthy and the film also employs beloved tropes of this genre, that is 'love triangles and love at first sight!'

5. Always Be My Maybe (2019)


Netflix brought this rom-com back in 2019 along with 2018's Set It Up, and the streaming service's effort Always Be My Maybe is similarly delightful. Co-written and starring Randall Park whom we remember from the dark comedy The Interview and Ali Wong, the film follows a pair of teenagers who are best friends but have drifted apart over time.