Robert Downey Jr.'s Cameo Role In The Black Widow Movie Has Been Revealed

Robert Downey Jr.'s Cameo Role In The Black Widow Movie Has Been Revealed

Robert Downey Jr. is expected to make a cameo in the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Robert Downey Jr. is no longer going to be part of Marvel's slate of upcoming movies in the timeline after Endgame. By now we all know why. Come on, it's been months! Anyway, despite Robert Downey Jr. not being involved in the MCU he is still expected to appear in a couple of quick cameos here and there. One such cameo is said to be in the upcoming Black Widow movie, according to ComicBook.com.

This cameo makes sense because both Iron Man and Black Widow died in Avengers: Endgame and the movie is set in a time before the incidents. But if you were expecting Robert Downey Jr. to have a big role in the Black Widow movie then we got some disappointing news.

The cameo will be from a deleted scene from Captain America: Civil War. So RDJ wouldn't actually be filming any new footage for the film. Marvel will just be recycling old footage. The scene will be of Tony telling Natasha to run, “which is what sends her to go into hiding with Steve Rogers and the rest of the Secret Avengers.”

Robert Downey Jr.

This cameo may not be RDJ's last in the MCU as he still plays a very pivotal role in the lives of everyone moving forward, especially the Avengers. I'm sure we can expect a cameo in the Iron Heart movie and maybe even in any new Avengers movies whether it be in the form of flashbacks or just images.

Marvel has yet to talk about RDJ's cameo in the Black Widow movie and for all, we know we may just get surprisingly more of him than we expect. The Black Widow movie is expected to be a prequel to Infinity War and Endgame so there may be a couple of other cameos as well. I would be very surprised if Captain America doesn't show up at least once or twice in the film. Black Widow premieres May 1, 2020.

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