Robert Downey Jr. Is Rumored To Be Back At Marvel

Robert Downey Jr. Is Rumored To Be Back At Marvel

Has Robert Downey Jr. resigned a contract with Marvel? Let's explore.

Is Robert Downey Jr. returning to the MCU? It seems so. The Iron Man actor did not object to returning to the role in interviews before, giving hope to the MCU fandom. Now, there is even more hope as rumors are going around that RDJ is set to return to Marvel in a Disney+ series.

The "new" rumor was made on Instagram but is a resurfacing of an old rumor that began in September last year. It stated that RDJ had re-signed with Marvel Studios on a Disney+ Ironheart series.

In this new deal, RDJ will supposedly be lending his voice for an AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Ironheart. The release of the Ironheart film or series has yet to be set by Marvel but we know it's coming. In the comics, the Ironheart story follows Riri Williams, a black teenage girl who steals Iron Man's technology. It's questionable whether or not the MCU will follow in the same manner as the comics. There is a possibility that Tony Stark's daughter could take over the Ironheart title but some fans may not appreciate that.

This will definitely be the most reasonable way for RDJ to return to the MCU. We may even get more than just voice acting on the part of RDJ, we may even get to see him in the form of a hologram. 


We were first thinking that Kevin Feige was gonna introduce Riri Williams to the MCU through one of its big-budget movies. However, it seems likely that she would be introduced in a Disney+ series. I'm actually okay with this. With a series, you tend to see more of a character that you love. So if RDJ does end up being in the Ironheart series then we're going to see a lot of him. Are you excited to see RDJ as Tony Stark once again?

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