Robert Downey Jr is Becoming A Real Life Tony Stark With His New Project

Robert Downey Jr is Becoming A Real Life Tony Stark With His New Project

For those of you who thought you would never see Robert Downey Jr. act like Tony Stark ever again, well I don't mean to rub it in but you were very wrong.

It seems that at the end of Robert Downey Jr.'s fictional portrayal of Tony Stark, he is beginning to embody the character in real life. A lot of you may be wondering what the hell I am talking about! Well, Robert Downey Jr. has made an announcement stating that he is beginning a new project that is going to utilize advanced technology to effectively save the environment. So for those of you who thought Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Tony Stark was dead and gone and were even signing petitions to get him back, well here you go. Downey is leaning into the character and persona of Tony Stark in real life and you are going to get to see it all unfold for free in his latest venture.

Variety covered Amazon's Re: Mars conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening where Tony Stark... I mean Robert Downey Jr. was giving the opening keynote address. Downey used this opportunity to announce the start of his new organization which is called  ' The Footprint Coalition' and is carded to launch in April 2020.

This is what Downey had to say about the project:

Between robotics and nanotechnoology, we could clean up this planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years.

He continued by saying that he got this information from a team of expert and joked :

God I love experts. They're like Wikipedia with character defects.

He announced his organization at the end of the 20-minute address where he talked about topics like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Artificial Intelligence, his own career and how Tony Stark has evolved over the last decade. His talks on the evolution of his alter ego, Tony Stark featured cameos from Matt Damon and Alexa, Amazon's AI assistant. 


Robert Downey Jr. didn't release any details on how his organization was going to clean up the world but did leave us with their website. The website for the group went live as soon as Downey Jr. left the stage. This project is one of many that Downey has undertaken with AI, technology, and just a general air of charity at its core. He and his wife Susan Downey are producing a documentary series for Youtube Red about AI. The series will consist of eight, one hour long episodes that explore everything there is to know about artificial intelligence and the effect it has on people's every day and not so everyday life.

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