Roan Curtis: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Firefly Lane' Star

Roan Curtis: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Firefly Lane' Star

Roan Curtis looks totally different without the oversized nerdy glasses in real life, but the gorgeous star resonates with her 'Firefly Lane' character in numerous ways. You'd be surprised to see what's on her social media accounts.

If you have watched 'Firefly Lane,' you probably wondered who the gorgeous girl in those big nerdy glasses playing Tully's young best friend is.

She is undeniably beautiful, and it is crazy to think that her character does not seem to see the doll behind those obscenely sized spectacles. She is no other than Roan Curtis, and she plays the young Kate Mularkey in the series, with Sarah Chalke playing the older counterpart of the role.

'Firefly Lane' is based on a novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah and follows the beautiful tale of friendship between Kate and Tully, two girls with opposite personalities but share an unbreakable friendship (despite the ups and downs). 

Roan Curtis may look different without the big glasses she ridiculously tries to shove back on her face every second, but she's much like her character in real life in some ways.

Here are 10 things you should know about Roan Curtis. 

Roan Curtis

1. She's Only Active On Instagram (But Maybe Only For Now)

Unlike most celebrities, Roan enjoys a private life. If you want to know more about Roan Curtis, then Instagram will be your best source of daily Roan feeds. The actress also has an unverified Twitter account with just over 200 followers (as of now), and she is not as active there. She also doesn't have an official Wikipedia page, so much about her personal life remains a huge mystery. We believe this will change dramatically in the next few days, though, as the gorgeous actress has stolen so many hearts in Netflix's 'Firefly: Lane'. Following the release of the Netflix series, Roan's Instagram posts skyrocketed from a few hundred likes to thousands! Did we say that both accounts are still unverified as of this writing? Roan is simply too busy living a real-life, just like Kate. 

2. She's A Cat Mom

Roan is obsessed with her adorable and quirky cat named Gremlin, whom she adopted more than a year ago. She has an entire story album of the fur baby on her Instagram and often takes pictures of him. She also carries him around in his yellow cat adventure backpack that looks like a mini spaceship.

"A year ago today, we adopted this little fella. I can say with complete objectivity that he is the best cat I’ve ever met and has been able to melt the hearts of even the most insistent “I’m a dog person, I don’t get cats” people," Roan wrote on Instagram.


3. She's 24 Years Old

Roan Curtis played a 14-year old Kate in Netflix's 'Firefly Lane,' but she is 24 years old in real life!

The actress recently shared a photo of her receiving a le Creuset stockpot from her mom for her 24th birthday. She's born on February 1, 1997. Her father, Kildare Curtis, owns Eugene Choo Clothing.


4. She Has A Boyfriend

Sorry to break your hearts, but Roan Curtis is in a relationship with the handsome and funny James R. Swalm (Jim for short). She first met her boyfriend when she was 17, and she thinks it was love at first sight.

"When I met Jim for the first time, I was 17. I remember being instantly taken by how effortlessly funny he was, how light his presence made me feel, and mostly, how we connected immediately on this level I had never experienced before. It was like we were just on the same frequency. I’ve never really been one to believe in love at first sight, but I think looking back on it, that was pretty much it," Roan wrote on Instagram during their Anniversary.

The two seem to share a very happy and loving relationship, and they both look like a couple straight from a Nicholas Sparks romantic flick. They also both love their fur baby Gremlin so much. 


5. She Played Sylvia In The Magicians

Before she donned those over-sized glasses and curly blonde hair in 'Firefly Lane,' Roan Curtis rocked cool teen energy as Sylvia in The Magicians. Though both characters sported blonde locks, their overall vibes are so different it's easy to miss the fact that they are the same person. 

The Magicians

6. She Starred In The 'L Word' And 'Smallville' When She Was Young

When she was around 10 years old, Roan Curtis was cast for young roles in the lesbian drama series 'The L Word' and the Superman series 'Smallville.'

Kate and Tully

7. She's Very Close With Ali Skovbye In Real Life

Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye met each other on the set of 'Firefly Lane' for the first time, but their friendship has blossomed during the short time they spent filming together.

In a recent interview, Roan shared that one of her favorite scenes while filming 'Firefly Lane' was when she was running after the police car because it resembles how she felt for Ali at that moment, knowing that they're about to wrap up productions.

"Definitely, the running after the cop car scene was one of my favorites. It was tough for sure, but it was interesting. It was kind of like a life imitating art thing because I was also like it was one of the last scenes that Ali and I got to film together, and so there was definitely a sense of loss for me in the sense of like I'm not gonna get to see you every day anymore...Ali and I just connected so well, and I think that that scene is really a culmination of that." 


8. She's Like Kate In So Many Ways

At this moment, Roan Curtis's Instagram looks much more like a digital diary than a marketing page full of promotions and fancy celebrity stuff. Of course, she also promotes her shows from time to time, but she shares more candid photos of her family, friends, boyfriend, cat, and her life in general. She might look a thousand times hotter without the nerdy glasses that her character wears in the Netflix series, but in reality, they kinda share the same virtues: a fair love for family, giving importance to friendship, and the eye for things in life bigger than fame. 

9. She's Family Oriented

Roan Curtis is close to her mom, her dad, and her siblings. She often shares photos of them with long, heartily written captions.

Here's a photo she shared during her dad's birthday. 


10. She's An Anti-Racism Advocate

Roan Curtis has been using her actively growing social media presence to shed light on important issues that matter. She recently shared campaign posters against racism and Sinophobia amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Want to see more of Roan Curtis? Stream 'Firefly Lane' on Netflix now! 

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