Riverdale Season 8: Everything We Know So Far

Here's a full rundown on everything we know about Riverdale Season 8.

Riverdale Season 8

In the seventh season of Riverdale, our beloved gang finds themselves transported back to the 1950s, with Jughead being the only one initially aware of their temporal displacement. After the explosive finale of Season 6, the burning question is how, and if, they can ever find their way back home.

If the Season 7 finale has left you yearning for more from Riverdale, or if you're simply curious about the future of this iconic series, read on to find out what lies ahead.

Will Riverdale Return For Season 8?

In 2022, The CW announced that Season 7 of Riverdale would be its final season, leaving no room for a Season 8. The talented writing team had the opportunity to craft a final season that would tie up all loose ends and deliver an emotionally resonant series finale. Although there won't be a continuation of the beloved gang's adventures in the 1950s, one can't help but hope for a surprise reboot or continuation in the future. In the world of entertainment, anything is possible!


How Does Riverdale Season 7 End?

In the second-to-last episode of Season 7, Angel Tabitha returns to 1950s Riverdale with important news for Jughead and his friends. Although she can't bring them back to their own time, she has a way for them to regain their memories from their past lives. As they gather around the TV, the gang watches their past lives unfold. Betty and Jughead choose to only remember happy moments.

The series finale takes a leap to the present day, where an 86-year-old Betty is the last surviving member of her high school friends. Angel Jughead helps her relive her final day of senior year in the 1950s before her passing. Through the journey, Betty remembers long-forgotten details about where each of her friends ended up and how they met their fates.

The finale explores themes of friendship, mortality, and other deeply human aspects, which may have surprised viewers, given Riverdale's usual drama and mystery. It even features a tongue-in-cheek "endgame" involving Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, sparking discussions among fans. Betty passes away and reunites with her friends at Pop's, returning to her 17-year-old self in the afterlife.

As Riverdale concludes with Season 7, fans can reflect on the memorable moments and mysteries that defined the series. Although Season 8 may not happen, the show's legacy will undoubtedly live on, reminding us of the enduring power of friendship and love, even in strange circumstances. As we say goodbye to Riverdale, we can only imagine what exciting new adventures await us in the ever-evolving world of television entertainment. Let's cherish the memories and celebrate the unique journey that was Riverdale.