Netflix's 'Resident Evil' Ending Explained

Netflix's 'Resident Evil' Ending Explained

Zombie apocalypse on the cusp and clones running galore, 'Resident Evil' sets up a billiant science fiction premise.

Believe it or not, Netflix’s Resident Evil is turning out to be an underdog. While people may not have initially gravitated towards the show, it soon became one of interest (and ridicule). However, the story of Jade and Billie is still planned to continue, even though Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement for season 2.


The story follows the two sisters Jade (Tamara Smart) and Billie (Siena Agudong) who just moved to New Raccoon City with their dad Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick). Split between two timelines, the 2022 one shows Albert Wesker working for a company called Umbrella Corporation known for conducting shady experiments. One of them being the T-virus. Eventually, the 2022 timeline becomes a race against time to save Billie’s life, Collider reported. 


In 2036, Jade (Ella Balinska) has grown into an adult in a post T-virus era where humanity has almost been wiped out and the survivors have divided themselves up into factions trying to take up important roles in society. Our protagonist has survived so many years and has now become a part of the University faction that strive to preserve history and rebuild society. Jade in her duty is trying to understand the virus victims- called the Zeroes so she can help create a cure for the same. 


The past holds answers to how the T-virus epidemic outbroke, but the future shows us what comes next for these characters. Albert Wesker is revealed to be the clone of the OG Wesker who runs the corporation’s brains while Evelyn Marcus (Paola Núñez) keeps up appearances. Meanwhile, Billie and Jade come out of the epidemic almost immune because of Wesker’s experiments, Marcus finds. Billie still suffers from visions and hypersensibility, often losing control and attacking people around her. But most of the time, she keeps her conscience.


‘Uncle’ Bert Wesker, the OG man, convinces Billie in 2022, to free her father from his cell and forgive him. Jade, simultaneously, is working to free her sister from the lab. In this process, their father Albert Wesker sacrifices himself so that Billie and Jade can be free. As the corporation explodes, Evelyn Marcus also dies. Or so they thought, because we see the characters make a comeback in 2036. The show ends with Albert giving Jade a slip of paper with the name Ada Wong, a fan-favorite Resident Evil character that is set to show up in an eventual Season 2. 


But there are more eventful things like Jade’s daughter being taken which would definitely be explored in a potential season 2, meanwhile, we can also ask how the two people who were supposed to die survived that attack. Additionally, why does Simon’s (Connor Gosatti) death push the two sisters so far apart that Billie (Adeline Rudolph) is ready to kidnap Jane’s daughter just so that the T-virus doesn’t kill her. Hopefully, the next season explores the 2022 timeline to show how the sisters became the mortal enemies we know today. 

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